24 September 2011

keep it simple stupid

tshirt: miss shop (myer) | shorts: ksubi | shoes: country road | bag: prada | sunnies: chloe via theoutnet | necklace: custom made | earrings: georg jensen | watch: casio | bracelets: random, gift from mum from israel | ring: pamela love via buydefinition

sometimes i can't be bothered putting an outfit together, so i opt for simple. i always find these outfits usually the most effective anyway (or so i'd hope).
plus i can't wear heels for a while since i busted my ankle in these

jewelery stories: 
necklace: mum got my sister and i emeralds from her trip to argentina, so i had mine made into a necklace. was semi-inspired by the tiffanys 'diamonds by the yard collection' - i love how the stones are set into the chain.
bracelet: the big fat bracelet i'm wearing was a gift from my mum from her trip to israel. she tells me that it is handmade. you can't see it very well in the photos but each link has intricate designs all over it. i love it

19 September 2011

stella cracked

shoes: stella mccartney via net-a-porter

so... i was walking in these the other day and happened to stumble on some uneven bricking. i think the shoe is worse off than my purple foot. BOO!
my poor babies...

18 September 2011

one day

wore this to the movies on the weekend
 tshirt: romance was born | shorts: topshop | bag: vintage donna karen (mum's) | shoes: jeffrey campbell darian via revolveclothing | necklace: random pendants (mum's) | necklace: dvb | watch: vintage cartier | bracelets:  bangle gift from grandma, orange bracelet diva | ring: cartier (mum's)

  saw "one day". great storyline, but not a great execution. it shows 1 day of each year over a 20 year period following the lives of a girl and a guy. feel like they could have done sooo much more with the story. for the most part, it was pretty long and boring. although jim sturgess did make it easier to bear.
and i love the poster picture:

12 September 2011

sale/outlet outfit

t-shirt: sportsgirl | jeans: jbrand via shopbop | shoes: havaianas | bag: louis vuitton | necklace: gift from sister | sunglasses: chloe via theoutnet 

went to a zara bryson/father sale on the weekend. ended up with a belt ($20 from $169) and a t-shirt ($30) for my husband (cos i'm the best wife ever). thanks zara/father!

belt: belle bijoux (it's handwoven leather!) | tshirt: black noise white rain

got to wear my new pink jeans (!!), but also tried to dress simply so i could go serious sale shopping. thought i'd put together...
jas's sale/outlet tips:
1) wear easy clothing to get in and out of - a loose dress is preferable and nothing with multiple buttons!
2) minimal jewellery that won't get in the way
3) nude seamless panties/g-string and strapless bra
4) slip-on shoes - flip flops are the best
5) not too much makeup - who is there to impress? you're not there to make friends. plus, you don't wanna get makeup on the clothes
6) sling bag is preferable, so you have both hands/arms to use to their maximum potential
7) if you hang around the changeroom long enough you can pick at the rejected clothes
8) don't get blinded by the fact that something is a bargain - be sure that it is a good, valuable piece of clothing that you want in your wardrobe
9) keep an eye out for things you might be able to sell on ebay for a profit
10) get your game-face on

11 September 2011

the bag

another pic of the amazing bag. had to. it's amazing


one of my most favourite pair of shoes

dress: kirrily johnston | shoes: marni | bag: louis vuitton | earrings: sophie kyron | bangle: georg jensen | ring: mum's

this was my outfit to another wedding on sat (post to come). bought this dress nov last year and have been waiting for an occasion to wear it. so unbelievably comfortable. the bag is one of my all-time favourites - another stolen borrowed from mum and it is over 15 yrs old. the bangle is also 'borrowed' and they don't make this style anymore. 

08 September 2011

yeah yeah cartier

hello cartier vintage watch!

story behind the watch:
my dad received this as a present for his 1st marriage from his 1st wife's dad. it was a used cartier watch. my dad was a bit annoyed that he got a used watch so he hasn't worn it and it has sat in the cupboard for more than 30 yrs.

now mine.