28 October 2011

the end of polio

jacket: alannah hill | top: mum's | shorts: abercrombie & fitch | bag: vintage via beginning boutique | scarf: zara

went to the end of polio concert last night at. awesome venue. tix were free. john legend was playing. what more could you ask for??? amazing. absolutely amazing. 

but the real reason we were there was to raise awareness and to take action to eradicate polio forever. it's 99% gone already. did you know that all it takes is 2 drops of vaccine into a kid's mouth to prevent polio??? crazy. we have the opportunity get rid of polio forever right at our fingertips. 

please sign this petition so that we can get govts from around the world to pledge money towards the cause. do it.


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  3. cute, cute, cute bag! John Legend is a cutie too.. ; )

  4. so great.


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