24 November 2011


like my new ring? guess where it's from?

(or your local hardware store)

i found it in the plumbing section for $1.95. cheapest piece of jewellery i've ever bought.

inspired from here

23 November 2011


 say hello to my new baby!! fuji x10
(another early birthday present... that i picked... and ordered...)
isn't it pretty?

21 November 2011

fun facts

some things about me that you may or may not know:
  1. i am a lawyer (or i try to be).
  2. one of my favourite books of all time is the book thief by markus zusak. if you haven't read it, then do. it will change your life.
  3. i sing and play piano (although i am much better at the former compared to the latter (considering my poor mum paid for piano lessons 11 years straight))
  4. i hate movember. i know, i know, it's for a good cause, but (most) guys just do not look good with a mo. so sick. and there are definitely some guys who do it just for funsies too. uncool.
  5. i am a bargain-hunter. i get tingles all over when i manage to score a really really good bargain (i've got problems, i know).
  6. my cooking specialty is lemon meringue pie. it's pretty good, i have to admit.
  7. one of my favourite songs of all time is ordinary people by john legend.
  8. my favourite ice cream flavour is cookies & cream by connoisseur.
  9. i hate hate hate when people wear boots out of season. ankle boots are the exception.
  10. my favourite tv show at the moment is so you think you can dance and my guilty pleasure is grey's anatomy.
leotard: vintage (mum's) | skirt: samvara | shoes: alexandre birman | earrings: handmade from turkey (gift from mum) | cuffs: romwe

20 November 2011


dress: dot & herbey | belt: gorman | sunnies: chloe | bag: prada | shoes: camper | watch: tag heuer | bracelets: random silver, lee angel, malaria awareness

there are jacaranda trees in bloom everywhere at the moment. so beautiful.

i bought this dress about 5 or so years ago now and it has served me well. it is made from vintage fabric and is made so well. it's the perfect fit (although a bit short!) 

19 November 2011

someone like you

dress: manning cartell via zara bryson | shoes: scanlan & theodore | earrings: swarovski | watch: cartier

i wore this dress last weekend to the wedding reception, except with these shoes.

15 November 2011

the comfort factor

top: shakuhachi | jeans: ksubi boyfriends | shoes: DIY country road | bag: topshop | sunnies: sabre via revolve clothing | earrings: georg jensen | watch: casio | bracelets: malaria awareness, lee angel, random silver

this top is the softest leather and so easy to wear.
these pants are the most comfy denim i own.
these shoes are surprisingly one of the most comfortable heels.

14 November 2011

the shoes, the shoes

new shoes from acne. another early birthday present from sis (which i picked... and ordered...)

13 November 2011

zig zag

leotard: vintage (mum's) | skirt: vintage (mum's) | belt: gorman | bag: louis vuitton | sunnies: sabre via revolve clothing | earrings: house of harlow via revolve clothing | watch: cartier | bracelets: malaria awareness, lee angel via the outnet

been eyeing off this belt in gorman for about 6 months now... finally found it in the outlet store for more than half price! ca-ching! kinda goes with my house of harlow earrings too
also wearing my mum's old old skirt, which is more than 20 yrs old. LOVE IT. and love that it's come back into fashion. the elastic in it has gone a bit, but still wearable!

10 November 2011


top: carla zampatti | jeans: jbrand via shopbop | bag: zambesi | shoes: beau coops | necklace: karen walker | rings: low luv x erin wasson via revolve clothing, bvlgari | watch: casio | bracelets: malaria awareness, random silver

got this shirt from the red cross sale - still had the tags attached too - and only $20. oh yeah. it's silk too. yeah yeah
my bag is from zambesi in melbourne. i love it, even though it is so so impractical. it's called the 'pineapple bag' - i guess you can kinda see it?

08 November 2011

booty pants

leotard: vintage | jeans: chloe | shoes: jeffrey campbell | earrings: gift | sunnies: chloe via the outnet | cardigan: gorman | bag: gorman | watch: cartier | ring: sportsgirl
say hello to the resident booty pants

07 November 2011

hello my pretties

my early birthday presents from my husband (which i picked out myself, and ordered myself too...). these boots are actually super-comfortable and really well made. good work topshop. and because i can't afford the acne pistols, they are quite a good substitute!
love the sunnies. have had them in my shopping cart for a while now, so birthday was the best excuse to purchase. i love the subtle cat eye.

06 November 2011