27 February 2012


bodysuit: shona joy | skirt: pop selection c/o the poplook | earrings: sophie kyron | sunnies: sabre | watch: cartier | rings: bunnings, sportsgirl

can't stop wearing these earrings. they seem to go with everything. thanks sister for a great Chrissy present (which i chose...).
also, big thanks to the girls at the poplook for sending me this beautiful skirt which just so happens to go perfectly with this bodysuit. amazing.

18 February 2012

through thick and thin

 over the last year there has been a massive trend in statement finger jewellery. the trick was to fit and stack as many on the one hand as possible. maybe it was a self-defence strategy, maybe they liked the sound their hands made when clapping, maybe girls wanted to protect their wee fingers, or maybe they just got tired of look at their knobbly fingers and enjoyed looking at pretty, shiny things instead. there were shouts of "cage my finger, pamela [love]!" and "cross my knuckles, f21!" all over the fashiosphere (not really, but you get the point). whatever the reason, big rings were, well, big.

but lately i've been noticing a trend in the complete opposite direction. all i see now are the thinnest of thin bands and half finger bands. it's as if girls were getting tired of trying to coordinate all those rings, sick of the "clink clink" sound every time they moved their fingers, and fed up with not being able to clench their hand into a fist (so much for self-defence).

but it's not just the hands that have been going minimalist, shoes have gone that way too. we were talking some seriously chunky, all black, in-your-face hoofs. i think they mostly just scared boys away.

now you may have noticed that i included those burberry creepers twice. mostly because they are so completely hideous and man repelling and complement my thesis perfectly. i  don't understand. my first reaction was "what the crap?!" and they have not grown on me since.

and it was from those shoe-bricks that we progressed (regressed?) to the thinnest, most uncomfortable looking shoes:

for those observant types, you may have also noticed i included the notorious alexander wang cape shoes several times in the last photo cluster. this is only because anyone who is anyone, any blogger who is a blogger, plain jane, old joe, sister's father's cousin's mum owns a pair of them! (same goes for those pradas in the 4th pic) and all i've ever heard about those wangs is that they maim your feet. best $500 spent on pain ever.

ranting and raving aside, i do find it quite amusing that the fashion industry goes from one extreme to the other just over a season. maybe it's a cruel joke or something. that also aside, what do you prefer? i admit i have dabbled in both trends and remain ever so skillfully on the fence.
p.s. sorry if i've missed anyone! let me know...

14 February 2012


top: romance was born | jeans: j brand via shopbop | shoes: gorman | bag: vintage | necklace: sophie kyron | watch: tag heuer | rings: pamela love, from israel | earrings: georg jensen

we were taking these photos in someone's garden on the side of their house. the house was so pretty with all the overgrown vines. then the owner came home so we quickly, and not very subtly, sidled away...

12 February 2012


 top: vintage | dress: alannah hill (customised) | bag: louis vuitton | shoes: gorman | earrings: mimco | watch: cartier | bracelet: juicy couture | ring: mum's

11 February 2012

get your print on

printed denim 1

been noticing a massive trend in printed denim. and why not? it was only a matter of time before jeans became a statement piece. i guess it is better to draw attention to your pins/ass rather than what's on top. suits me.

there are such great prints out there at the moment. tonnes of floral (i guess it is almost spring in the northern hemisphere), but my particular preference is plaid (however, not convinced i can pull this off without looking too cutesy asian (fob)) and anything kinda arty looking. so above are some of my picks for printed denim this season.

please note the siwy leopard-face print ones. but don't touch those. i already have them on pre-order. couldn't resist: skinny, black, cropped and leopards. i am a massive sucker for novelty animal printed clothing. how could you not? (but don't! they're mine! mine! my machines! my machines! (please see link))

but if you're not partial to the tight, skinny jeans then here are some looser, pj-ish pants to tickle your fancy:
printed pants 2

10 February 2012

pink pink pink

top: c/o the poplook (find similar here) | jeans: j brand via shopbop | shoes: alexandre birman | bag: louis vuitton | sunnies: chloe via the outnet | watch: vintage cartier | earrings: georg jensen | necklace: sophie kyron

felt like wearing lots and lots and lots of pink...