03 June 2012


top: thrifted | jeans: lee | sunnies: karen walker | necklaces: tiffany & co, customised adia kibur | watch: vintage cartier | ring: vintage | bag: louis vuitton | scarf: vintage | shoes: gorman

i went to the red cross bindaring clothing sale last weekend - it was the crazy town. i don't think i've ever seen old ladies move like that: literally running into the warehouse, large plastic bags in tow, and shoveling clothes. scary stuff.
but i managed to score quite a few great items, including this top for $1. and my sister has offered to buy it off me for $15. pretty sure i can get get her to $20 if i hold out long enough hehe...


  1. You're SO pretty! I'm jealous of your bag, it is Perfect!

    Lots of kisses from France ;)

  2. Very effortless and chic :) love the look!

  3. haha sounds like the sale was good!
    wow what a bargain! i love the tee x


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