08 September 2012

lonely hearts

jacket: lonely hearts | top: sportsgirl | skirt: vintage | sunnies: karen walker | earrings: mimco | necklace: isabel marant

i saw this shearling jacket initially online selling for $800. i would never ever, in my lifetime, pay that much for a leather jacket. so i just pined from afar.
then it went for half price, and i hesitated. $400 is a lot!
then it sold out...

but then ebay flew to the rescue and, after checking it almost every day for a month, it finally turned up! and in my size! and for less than half price! i think it was meant to be.

it's lamb's leather and - best part - you can turn it inside out and wear it the other way (look closely at the pics above). it is amazing - possibly the most amazing leather jacket i have ever seen.


  1. I'm subscribed by email to your blog. It's so perfect I always check it out. Maybe now we can follow each other? :)))


  2. black on black my type of outfitting


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