25 June 2013

lust list

my (very extensive) lust list: some old some new, some realistic and some only in my dreams (possible only though ebay and the generosity of my friends and family ;))

lust list

ok, there is a lot. and I just realised that most of it is black and white! typical.

from left to right:

1. ankle boots
i need a pair that i will absolutely live in, other than my topshop ones of course. i have seriously been lusting over these acne star boots for about 2 months now. trying to justify the price with how much i will wear them...

i made the mistake of spotting the acne alma suede booties in elle the other week and made the even bigger mistake of trying them on. have now convinced myself i need them too. these alexander wang kori boots are also a nice alternative, albeit another black shoe. love the heel detail though. ingenious.

for a more sophisticated evening look in winter these yves saint laurent pointed booties are also quite lovely and also quite out of my price range. i loved the isabel marant ones that came out a few years ago, but have lost almost all hope of ever finding them. 

2. leather biker jacket
 i already have a black shearling leather jacket, but of course a biker jacket is another must have (right?). i think all saints make a fantastic one and topshop's is also not bad.

3. feathered skirt
i know this look is old, but there's just something about it that i find so intriguing and fun (picture yourself doing a twirl in one of these). zara did one like 3 years ago and sretsis did a pink one, which i probably would have gotten my hands on had it been $500 less. such a fun look to wear, even with just a t-shirt.

4. white blazer with black lapel
i fell in love with this blazer when lover released it last year. have been trying to win it on ebay ever since, but to no avail. this one by zara is also a pretty good alternative, although i must say lover's tailoring is hard to match.

5.  patterned shift dress
for a dress that i can just throw on. this one by zara isn't bad and pretty affordable. i love the ones by secret south, but i can't justify paying $379 for a simple dress... might have to wait it out for the sales.

6. trench coat
everyone needs a beige trench. of course burberry is the ultimate, but i have seen pretty good alternatives by zara and gap.

7. one-piece swimsuit
my good friend emma has a black one-piece which she looks fantastic in. i never considered wearing a one-piece because i don't think i have the figure for it. however, i really like these ones by seventh wonderland, but possibly need a bigger bust to pull it off.

8. leather pencil skirt
not particular about brand, just love the look. something different from your average pencil skirt. the different texture of leather just adds that little something to make it more edgy, yet still sophisticated. kahlo do some great leather and this all saints one is also pretty nice. come to think of it, asos have a fantastic 3/4 length one that has been seen on quite a few bloggers and even celebrities. i think i may be too short to pull off this kind of length though.

9. black leather leggings/jeans
everyone has either the helmut lang leggings or the j brand leather jeans. they look incredible, but who can afford to pay $1,000??? faux leather has been my alternative, but i must admit it makes your legs sweat like crazy - gross.

10. zara skorts
yeah, yeah everyone has them, but i really like the look. slick and easy to wear.

11. leather tee
i seem to want a lot of leather don't i? better than your average cotton tee. great for winter. and will last forever! of course i can't ever afford this one by gucci, but it's nice to be inspired.

12. pointed pumps
so in love with the pumps by manolo blahnik - the shape is so chic and monolos are so comfy. also love the jimmy choo anouks, especially in silver. hot. i am always willing to spend a little more for good quality and long-lasting footwear. but maybe not that much more.

13. lace up sandals
we saw the alaia ones being worn by celebrities and fashionistas worldwide and i have lusted over lace up sandals ever since. of course the cheaper brands have followed, such as zara, tony bianco and windsor smith, but it's just not the same. i love these ones by brian atwood, giuseppe zanotti and alejandro ingelmo. ended up with these luiza barcelos ones.

14. rose gold watch
also another trend that's been around for a while. lots of people own the michael kors watches, but i also quite like the marc jacobs ones. maybe i can weasel my friends into getting me an early birthday present hehe...


  1. Loving your style, and definitely share your love for monochrome pieces. Half of these are on my "will one day acquire" list too!!
    Amy x


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