26 June 2013

on my mind

on my mind 6
top: 3.1 phillip lim | jeans: j brand | bag: tsumori chisato | hat: tsumori chisato | phone cover: tsumori chisato | shoes: acne

i am obsessed with these acne boots. i keep envisaging all the different outfits i will could wear them with. sigh...

i love tsumori chisato. i first discovered the japanese designer on a trip to hong kong about 10 years ago and then a few years later in japan. so cute, so quirky and so different. she also seems to have a slightly weird, slightly creepy affinity with cats. i'm ok with that. i love her wallets - if you've ever seen them in real life, they are all different and unique. i think if my wallet ever gets stolen (again) i might have to replace it with one of tsumori's. her shoes are also really fun and often quite novelty. i got these ones about 6 or 7 years ago in japan and to date they have to the be the most comfortable pair of shoes i have ever owned (didn't even need to be worn in) and have also lasted me forever. i also saw the cat ears hat online and decided that i must try and get my hands on it.

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