31 July 2013

clean month

on my mind 11

top: nike | hat: adidas | pants: nike | bag: nike | bra: nike | shoes: nike | watch: adidas

i have resolved that august is going to be my clean month.  this means:

1. healthy diet. strict no carbs, no sweets. exceptions only for special occasions. i badly need to cleanse my system of all the crap i have been putting in it. since i have a bit more time on my hands these days, i'm aiming to try some different recipes and experiment with my cooking a little more. let's see how long i can last without carbs. great, the receptionist at work just bought arnott's assorted cream biscuits...

2. exercise. i am aiming to exercise at least 3 times a week. i've been sick, had broken bones, sick again, etc, which has contributed to me not being able to exercise properly and regularly for the last few months. i need to get my ass into gear and maintain a good exercise regime. discipline is probably the hardest part for me - my brain will come up with any excuse not to exercise and the cold, wet weather does wonders for my reluctance/laziness.

3. no spending. a complete ban. this is going to be tough, but i really need to gain some control on my spending habits. i keep telling myself that i can justify purchasing something if i've sold enough stuff on ebay to pay for it, that it's a "classic" or that it's so much on sale that i can't not buy it (think of how much i am saving!). i just need to stop for a while and exercise some will power. 

4. quiet time. i need to set aside some time in each day to sit down, read my bible, pray and not be distracted by everything else going on in my life.

5. people time. i tend to get so bogged down by life and everything that i have to do that i just don't end up having enough time for people. i am going to try and make an effort to give more of myself to others.

30 July 2013


taylor tomasi hill is the style and accessories director for US marie claire magazine. she is also the new artistic director of moda operandi.

i love her unexpected style, pairing couture with casual, oversized and sometimes unflattering silhouettes and mixed prints. i would never think of pairing a raglan top with a dipped hem dkity, or a long vest trench with shorts, but she manages to pull it off (possibly her legs that go on for miles are helpful). she never looks like she's trying too hard and always makes it her own. i also like that she repeats pieces, but styles them in a way so it appears as though she's wearing a whole new outfit. she's never predictable, always classy and sophisticated. 

by the way, i have listed even more stuff on ebay - please check it out here.

28 July 2013

so lonely

lingerie - lonely by lonely hearts

lingerie: lonely by lonely hearts

i am obsessed with pretty lingerie. normally i only wear push-up bras (to make up for my lack...), but lately i have been wearing a lot of bralets. i find them so much more comfortable and easy to use.

my favourite brands for pretty bras would have to be calvin klein, stella mccartney and lonely by lonely hearts. currently i only own calvin klein, but i have just ordered some lonelys. such a beautiful collection, i could have bought almost every piece.

who knew underwear could make you so happy.

25 July 2013


jacket: lonely hearts | playsuit: zara | bag: antik batik | shoes: isabel marant | necklaces: isabel marant | rings: antique, from paris, jules smith

yup. i got them. the sneakers.

i know. everyone has them.

i snapped. i saw them on ebay and just couldn't resist.

i haven't regretted the decision one bit. they are incredibly comfortable. my husband even gave them the tick of approval - he loves them haha.

23 July 2013

well suited

the suit. not just for the office anymore.
of course the shorts suit is a lot easier to get away with, but would you commit to a whole pink outfit? or plaid for that matter? or even floral??