11 July 2013


i am officially obsessed with braids. a few months ago i watched half a dozen youtube clips determined to finally learn how to do them. i haven't looked back since. there are just so many endless possibilities!

it made me wonder what spiked the braid craze of late. i remember having to do them in high school for our school choir. we wore one braid down the back. i remember thinking they were hideous and that only little german school girls from the 1950s wore them. come to think of it, i still think the braids we had in high school are hideous. there are so many much cooler and more interesting ways of braiding.

some tips:
1. your hair needs to be slightly greasy - i like it one day after washing. otherwise your hair will be too slippery to hold in the braid. if you have super-straight and uncoloured hair like me, it might help to run a ghd through it quickly beforehand to give it some oomph (but don't go too crazy with the curling). also, dry shampoo will help too. super-greasy hair works really well too. braids tend to hide the dirtiness of your hair.

2. practice. a lot.

3. i usually start by doing a tight braid, then loosen it up afterwards with my hands and a brush. that way you can better control the looseness, rather than trying to do it while you are braiding. 

4. have fun! make it up as you go, try different ways of braiding, experiment.

go forth and braid!

images via pinterest. check out my pinterest hair board for more inspirational hair dos.


  1. Love this post! You can rock these style with any outfit for a edgy or classic look.



  2. i love braided hairstyles! defintitely should go for one again soon!

    kissboombang, lilly.
    Bonnie + Kleid


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