21 July 2013


i have this pair of abercrombie & fitch jeans that i never wear.

they fit really well and are super comfortable, but the colour is just so boring.

i watched this great tutorial from one of the designers at free people, so i decided to try my hand at distressing. distressed jeans are EVERYWHERE i look at the moment - even jeans distressed to the point of falling off your legs. that i don't understand. why are people buying rags??? anyway...

you will need the following tools:
thick piece of cardboard
stanley knife
sandpaper block
tailor's chalk
washer and dryer
jeans (duh)

use the cardboard as a base for cutting and to protect the other side of the jeans. cut horizontal lines across the parts of the jeans you want to distress. make sure the lines are as close to each other as possible. i recommend marking where your knee sits with the chalk, so you get the right positioning for the distress - you want it to look more authentic right?

the sandpaper block is for lightening some parts of your jeans so they look more worn - that's if you don't want the ripping. around the bum area is a good place to sand down (cos, i mean, who doesn't slide around on their butts all day long). and of course the knees.

then chuck them in the wash, then the dryer, then the wash and dryer again.

and voila!

if you want even bigger holes, i would suggest just doing a horizontal slice with your stanley knife, then a verticle/diagonal one - that way way you get a piece kinda flapping around. 

they aren't exactly what i envisioned as the quality of denim isn't the greatest and maybe have too much elastic in them. however, i still think they look much cooler than they did before. and i will definitely be wearing them now.i might try putting a few more holes and rips in them, depending on my mood :) or bum slide a bit more.

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  1. Raindrops of Sapphire22 July, 2013 02:57

    Oh you did a really good job with distressing those! Well done! I'm a huge denim addict!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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