27 August 2013

blonde ambition

i first discovered soo joo park on zac posen's instagram - how stunning does she look in those pictures? i immediately screen captured the photos of her and kept them on my phone.

my initial sighting of her sparked a crazy idea in my head - what would i look like blonde? i decided to investigate further.

here is soo joo with black hair:

and here she is as a blonde:

um, amazing! don't you think she looks even better? the more i looked at pictures of her, the more i became obsessed with going blonde. not crappy asian blonde which looks sandy or even orange (heaven forbid), but really white blonde. go hard or go home i say. even with some regrowth i still think she looks pretty awesome.

ok, ok, i know, she is a freaking gorgeous model and i am not. 
yes, yes, it will ruin my healthy black hair - never been dyed (my hairdressers still can't believe it). 
alright, alright, it is a LOT of investment - up front for the initial bleaching and then the upkeep.

but i just can't get it out of my head. 

recently, one of my favourite bloggers, vanessa of the haute pursuit, took the plunge:

doesn't she look incredible? ok, so she does have vaguely similar features to soo joo - slim, pointed face and model-like features, but i have almost convinced myself this could work.

what are your thoughts? reckon i could pull it off?

images via park soo joo and the haute pursuit


  1. She looks amazing!! And the blonde hair gives her such an intense style.


  2. amazing!cool chick!


  3. She just look amazing. Totally fond of her.

  4. She looks amazing!!!


  5. Hey! Just discovered your blog through some mindless internet-ing. I'm also a lawyer from Perth, and I've been dying my Asian hair blonde for almost 5 years. The girl from the Haute Pursuit looks good but her hair is more yellow and there are whispy short bits (damage from bleaching). My hair was like that too in the first year I went blonde but now it's healthy and toned. Basically, if you want to do it, do it for the long haul, because your hair will only look better with time. I don't have any photos but if you pop over to my tumblr pentagonafternoon.tumblr.com I think I have some personal pics. Keep up the great posts :)

    1. hey! that is awesome! thanks for your comment. i will definitely check out your tumblr.
      how do you go with the dyed hair in a professional capacity? that's what i'm most concerned about.

  6. Love all your different styles but the one looked that I just loved the most was your first look the yellowish formal dress its so elegant and chic. Love how its fitted to the waist with detailing on the torso and spreads to the hip line. gorgeous



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