22 August 2013


 top: h&m | shorts: emma cook | hat: vintage | shoes: acne | bag: balenciaga | watch: michael kors

these are my sister's shorts, but she doesn't use them so i am "temporarily borrowing" them...

emma cook - a UK designer known for her incredible digital prints. i remember first coming across emma cook in 2008 when i saw one of her dresses in a store - silk, midi length with an amazing animal circus pattern. it was absolutely stunning. also $900. to be honest, i prefer emma cook's earlier collections as i think they were a bit more subtle and intricate. the last few seasons have been a little gaudy for my personal taste.

my sister got these shorts about 3 or so years ago i think - around the time when emma cook was doing great stuff (imo). although they are probably a size too big, rather see-through and verge on lingerie, they are silky, comfortable perfection.


  1. beautiful bag.. in love with your location :)

  2. Wow, nice pics! I have just discovered your blog and its really amazing ¿Do you want to follow each other?
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  3. The details on the shorts are gorgeous.



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