21 August 2013


i love an all-in-one, no fuss outfit. onesies are even better than dresses since you don't have to think about the wind blowing your skirt up (yes, it has happened to me and i was wearing fluoro undies walking past an outdoor restaurant full of people) and it's easier to sit on the ground.

albeit slightly awkward going to the toilet and practically having to completely undress, the onesie is fast becoming a wardrobe staple. while generally associated with spring/summer and music festivals, you can transition into winter by just throwing a long-sleeve top underneath or adding a jacket or some tights. even just wearing a simple white tee under a onesie can bring it to a whole new level.

below are a few of my favourite picks. loving the strapless jumpsuits from zara for a more polished evening look.


from left to right:
cream playsuit: topshop | black strapless jumpsuit: zara | black strapless jumpsuit with beading: zara | blue playsuit: topshop | patterned sleeved playsuit: zara | casual jumpsuit: zara | patterned playsuit: zara | black playsuit: topshop | paisley dungaree: topshop | white jumpsuit: topshop | peach jumpsuit: topshop | denim dungarees: topshop 1, 2 and 3 | polka dot playsuit: motel | embroidered playsuit: river island | patterned playsuit: zara

and some more if you feel like going a bit CRAZY:
playsuits: asos, alice mccall, finders keepers white and black, lover, dolce vita, joie
jumpsuits: kigu (for funsies (in your onesies)), asos, asos, asos, aqua jagger, addison, camilla and marc, ladakh 

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