12 August 2013

you beauty

thought i would do a smallcomprehensive post on beauty products i use and that i would highly recommend.

skin care:

i use a facial scrub, cleanser, toner and moisturiser all by simple. their products have no scent and are the basic of basic skin care range. very affordable and accessible. while i used to shy away from "cheap" skincare, i have realised that my skin doesn't need all this anti-aging stuff, but something that is no fuss. so far so good. my skin has been very consistent since using this product. i also highly recommend their facial wipes.

hair spray
base makeup:


i use lancôme la base pro perfecting makeup primer. i haven't tried that many primers, but i have found lancome's to be very good. recently tried smashbox and also found theirs quite good - feels the same as lancôme and is slightly cheaper. win.

foundation - i use shiseido, but mostly because i'm asian and they do great products for asian skin. i use their perfect refining foundation for something lighter and their radiant lifting foundation for really good coverage. i also love their natural finish cream concealer. i then dab a small bit of loose powder over my foundation and concealer just to set the foundation. i have been using maybelline's shine free oil control recently since it's pretty cheap.

more makeup:

eye shadow

eye shadow. i've been given lots of MAC eye shadow palettes for the last 10 years and they have lasted me very well. i think MAC's eye shadows are really good and long lasting.

i recently bought the naked palette by urban decay. don't think you can get this in australia unfortunately. i got it in malaysia from sephora. if you ever get the chance to buy this palette, i highly recommend it! all the natural colours you could want in one place. and all the shades go perfectly with one another.

i also own urban decay's smoked palette, which helps you achieve a great smokey eye look (also with step by step instructions!)


mascara - now this has been a big challenge for me. please be aware that i have the thinnest, shortest, straightest eye lashes ever and it has been such a long process for me to find a good mascara. even after curling my eyelashes to the extreme i find some brands tend to cause them to droop back down again! argh! and then other brands (even though they claim to be waterproof) smudge all over my face after only a few hours of use.

the best ones i have found so far: random japanese brands and shiseido.

ones i avoid: chanel, dior, nars, eyeko, lancôme.

i highly recommend stila's liquid eyeliner. waterproof and pretty easy to use, once you get the hang of it. my rule for applying liquid eyeliner is to do it after the mascara step, so it's easier to line up with your eyelash line. also, if you're going for the cat eye look, the tick at the end should be directed towards the end point of your eyebrow. 


lipsticks are probably my favourite part of the makeup process. i tend to steer away from pinks and lighter shades as they mostly clash with my skin.

my recommended dark shades are: MAC dubonnet, lancôme l'absolu rouge in smoky rouge, YSL rouge pur couture in belle de rose

my recommended brighter/lighter colours are: MAC rebel, MAC girl about town, YSL volupté sheer candy in sweet fig, shiseido perfect rouge in rouge parfait (great light pink for tanned asian skin)

i love lancôme's juicy tubes for a great long-lasting lip gloss.

phew. that turned out to be way more epic that i intended. i hope my rundown is helpful!

any products that you would recommend?


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