29 September 2013

mellow yellow

leather shearling jacket: lonely hearts | blouse: ba&sh via zara bryson | jeans: lee | bag: balenciaga | shoes: acne | sunnies: karen walker | ring: alexander mcqueen | watch: vintage dunhill

i generally steer away from anything yellow, as it tends to make me look even more yellow and clashes with my skin. however, there was something about this yellow ba&sh blouse that i just couldn't resist. maybe it's mustard enough for me to get away with, or maybe i just like it so much that i will wear it anyway even if it clashes with my skin.

i loved the blouse so much i bought it in black too - oops. lucky they were both half price :)

26 September 2013

no exit

coat: vintage (mum's) | tank: t by alexander wang via lane crawford | perforated leather shorts: ksubi | sunnies: ray ban | bag: balenciaga | watch: vintage dunhill | ballet flats: repetto via ebay

25 September 2013


have you ever tried these on?

influenced by my cousin yet again, i have fallen pretty hard for these shoes. when i recently saw her she was ranting and raving about how incredible and comfortable these chloe scalloped flats are. she swears by them and she buys a new pair every season. they are her go-to shoes and she uses them everyday. they had come across my radar previously as they have been around for a while now, but being a high heels girl and reticent to pay $500 for a pair of flats, i dismissed the idea.

i walked past the chloe shoes display in david jones recently and decided to give them a go. ohmygoodness. they are the softest leather my feet have ever come into contact with. they immediately moulded to the shape of my foot and felt almost like a second skin. wow.

now, i have tried my fair share of ballet flats - i own/have owned:
chloe ballerinas (that i got for an absolute steal) - pretty comfortable, although a bit restrictive around the edge
country road black ballet flats - so, so uncomfortable and stiff, even after wearing them in a lot
repetto patent ballet flats (scored off ebay for almost 1/4 of the price) - fairly comfortable, although small to size and had to be worn in a couple of times
russell & bromley quilted patent ballet flats - purchased in the UK and also took some wearing in before becoming very comfortable everyday wear (i also got these which were comfortable from the start, but don't look as nice)
nine west elasticated flats (bit like this) - most uncomfortable shoes and have made me swear off elasticated shoes forever

ok, so i have never tried marc jacobs (i stongly dislike/am greatly offended by his mouse flats and refuse to put them anywhere near my feet), chanel (i feel that they are a bit too showy for my personal taste with the cc's in prominent position on the toe, although my friends swear by them), lanvin (again, the elasticated shoe which i have sworn off), etc. 

i really do think that these chloe scalloped flats are the ones to beat. too bad they are way, way out of my price range. find them here (not sure why net-a-porter is listing them for $27,000... must be an error in pricing... surely...), here, here and for a bit cheaper here. whilst you might be lucky to find them on sale, they usually don't go for much less than $350 plus i have found it extremely hard to find them on ebay. sigh.

what are your thoughts on ballet flats? any recommendations of good ones?

23 September 2013


shearling leather jacket: lonely hearts | dress: nom*d | sunnies: karen walker | necklaces: isabel marant | clutch: louis vuitton | booties: acne

closer look at my jacket. i have posted it before, but thought it deserved more attention. it really is incredible!

i have owned this dress for over 3 years - it's made up of an embossed hounds tooth thick silk (i think) material and wool sleeves. incredible. although it is slightly sack-like, i think that's what makes me like it more. goes with everything and so easy to wear, while keeping it interesting with the different textures. nom d is definitely one of my favourite new zealand labels.

22 September 2013

amongst it

shearling leather jacket: lonely hearts | dress: nom*d | sunnies: karen walker | necklaces: isabel marant | clutch: louis vuitton | booties: acne

i love an all black outfit and red lips. details to follow...

15 September 2013


jacket: isabel marant (old) | wallet: celine

closer detail shot of the jacket (and my face). the collar is completely covered with silver and gold sequins, which surprisingly don't scratch my neck too much, but tend to catch on my hair. whenever i wear it i get lots of random people coming up to me reaching for my neck to stroke the sequins. odd and a little unnerving, but possible warranted. i can't deny that i wouldn't do the same if i saw the jacket on someone else...

12 September 2013

lena wald

have you heard of lena wald jewellery?

i first discovered her itsy bitsy jewellery on the neck of my cousin, jo. she had the above heart necklace on - it looked so delicate and precious. she said she had picked it out and told her boyfriend to buy it for her as a birthday present. sounds familiar haha...

while the pieces may look big in the pictures, the actual size of the pendant is more like 5mm. the pendant sits right in between your collar bones (not sure what the term for that part of the neck is - jugular? any docs out there know? looking at you s and t). you have to be up close and personal to even see the miniature diamonds.

for my sister's 21st birthday, my brother and i combined to get her the diamond cross in white gold. it is a beautiful piece and somehow so classic, albeit mini.

i noticed that she now offers all her pieces in rose gold, gold, white gold and sterling silver, which means her prices range from affordable to a little on the expensive side. 

currently craving the love heart or the cross in rose gold... my birthday isn't very far away. might have to take a page out of my cousin's book.


09 September 2013


hat: vintage (mum's) | jacket: isabel marant (old) | top: t by alexander wang | necklaces: isabel marant | jeans: lee jeans | shoes: alexander wang | watch: michael kors | rings: vintage (mum's)

the mk watch story:

my little sister told me she wants to get a watch for school (she's doing her practical training to be a primary teacher) and she was interested in the michael kors watches.
my brother asked me what to get our little sister for her birthday, so obviously i suggested the mk watch - this one in rose gold. how could he go wrong?
come the day of her birthday, her sneaky husband went out and bought her a 2nd birthday present - a gold mk watch. gah. what hope did my poor brother have of her ever wearing his watch over the watch her husband got her? none at all.
in the end, my brother asked me if i wanted the watch as an early birthday present, rather than having to return it all the way to the US. although somewhat of a downer being the reject watch, i haven't actually taken it off since. 
thanks for the default present bro.

on a side note, the top i'm wearing is t by alexander wang, which i was surprised to find on sale at lane crawford (didn't know they shipped internationally and for such reasonable postage). unfortunately it is no longer on sale, but i highly recommend the top anyway! it's a linen and silk mix, so it ends up being quite a thick fabric, but without the tendency to crease like pure linen and with the drapey feel of silk. also, the length is a lot shorter than most of the other AW tops, which is a plus for me being a shorty.

05 September 2013


jacket: topshop (old) | top: one teaspoon | necklaces: isabel marant | jeans: topshop | earrings: antique (from malaysia)

i got this jacket last year as an "early birthday present" from my husband (which i suggested he buy for me). it's real leather and very well made (for topshop). it's even been mistaken for the original isabel marant jacket, from which it is obviously copied"inspired". i love the jacket. it is such a great fit, really sturdy and looks goes with just about everything.

04 September 2013


earrings: antique (from malaysia)

preview post of my hair from the weekend. i hadn't washed it for 2 days so it was pretty gross. didn't have time to wash it the morning before church, so i sprayed it with a bit of dry shampoo and threw it up in some sort of up do made of 2 pigtail braids pinned together in a kind of mushed formation on the back of my head. 

10 minutes all up.

ok, time for august clean month wrap up:

1. healthy diet. i pretty much stuck to this up until maybe week 3-4. mind you, even the first week was riddled with cheating for the "special occasions". one day i dropped my lunch all over the floor of reception at work, felt particularly sorry for myself and ended up eating carbs (teriyaki fish). whilst not overly bad, it wasn't ideal. i decided at the end of the month that i wouldn't try to control my diet too strictly and that i would try and maintain a healthier lifestyle by exercising more and attempt, for the most part, to restrain myself from over-indulging. let's add drinking about 2 litres more water a day.

2. exercise. i think i did ok on the exercise front. i maintained about 3 exercise sessions a week, which is quite a good start for me. my preference would be to get it up to 5 times a week. but let's be realistic here, i find it hard enough to find time to cook dinner when i get home let alone make it to the gym. for me it's definitely more of a time thing than a laziness thing. still got a fair way to go in terms of fitness.

3. no spending. i ended up purchasing some cosmetics - does that count? ok, and i also got a pair of shorts and flats off ebay. fail. but admittedly that's quite an improvement for me spending-wise. trying to lay off for the next few months as well. the fact that there is pretty much nothing on sale is helpful.

4. quiet time. i found this particularly hard, seeing as i try to fit in work, cooking, exercise and catching up with people. excuses, excuses, i know. this definitely needs to become more of a priority.

5. people time. i think i'll give myself this one as a win. i can safely say that my weeks, especially weekends, were filled to the brim with spending time with friends and family. somewhat contributory to my lack of exercise, but definitely worth it.

i have read some stuff lately that has convinced me that to change/improve anything about your life, you need to start from the inside. addressing what's on the outside, such as exercise and eating, can be helpful, but ultimately if you are not convinced and convicted of who you are and why you do it from within, the superficial elements of your life won't really be affected. maybe what it really comes down to motivations - ones that matter, that last and that are worth struggling for:

striving to lead a healthy lifestyle not because you want to look skinny and beautiful, but because it makes you feel better and happier and it's good and right to look after what you've been blessed with 

spending less not only because you should be saving money but because the things of this world fade and ultimately don't matter

spending more time with people and giving of yourself to others not just because it makes you feel better but because you actually care about the people you spend time with and because ultimately relationships are everything this life is about

i think i will try and adopt these resolutions for the rest of my yearlife.

03 September 2013



what i'm into right now: hats and leopard print

have you heard of this hat maker - worth & worth? i recently discovered their hats while perusing natalie off duty.

these guys are all about hats - make them, repair them, wear them.

of course, this has only fueled my hat obsession and now i am almost convinced i need to own one of their hats. made by hand in NY out of the finest, most luxurious materials and you can even get them custom made (if you want to drop some serious cash).

my husband and i are planning to head back to NY maybe/hopefully/fingers crossed next year, so might have to wait until then...

my favourites:
 jacob gray, montmartre bordeaux, loulou black

01 September 2013


jacket: isabel marant (old) | dress: zara | bag: balenciaga | shoes: acne | necklaces: isabel marant | watch: michael kors | rings: vintage (mum's and grandma's)

i wore this to my cousin's son's 1st birthday lunch on saturday - does that make him my nephew or my second cousin?

the weather has been so odd this august. apparently it has been the wettest august on record or something. while technically it was the last day of winter on saturday, the weather was eerily warm, overcast and rather (annoyingly) windy with sprinkles of rain. i am OVER it. august has been way too wet for my liking. i can hear my husband in the background saying, "it's good. we need the rain." rain shmain. bring on summer i say. 

the summer dress and bare legs were my attempt at encouraging the weather in the right direction.