09 September 2013


hat: vintage (mum's) | jacket: isabel marant (old) | top: t by alexander wang | necklaces: isabel marant | jeans: lee jeans | shoes: alexander wang | watch: michael kors | rings: vintage (mum's)

the mk watch story:

my little sister told me she wants to get a watch for school (she's doing her practical training to be a primary teacher) and she was interested in the michael kors watches.
my brother asked me what to get our little sister for her birthday, so obviously i suggested the mk watch - this one in rose gold. how could he go wrong?
come the day of her birthday, her sneaky husband went out and bought her a 2nd birthday present - a gold mk watch. gah. what hope did my poor brother have of her ever wearing his watch over the watch her husband got her? none at all.
in the end, my brother asked me if i wanted the watch as an early birthday present, rather than having to return it all the way to the US. although somewhat of a downer being the reject watch, i haven't actually taken it off since. 
thanks for the default present bro.

on a side note, the top i'm wearing is t by alexander wang, which i was surprised to find on sale at lane crawford (didn't know they shipped internationally and for such reasonable postage). unfortunately it is no longer on sale, but i highly recommend the top anyway! it's a linen and silk mix, so it ends up being quite a thick fabric, but without the tendency to crease like pure linen and with the drapey feel of silk. also, the length is a lot shorter than most of the other AW tops, which is a plus for me being a shorty.


  1. I love the hat.. Looking amazing here!


    Website | Winston & Willow


  2. Great pictures! Absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  3. Loving the hat plus the rest of the outfit! Its very glam rock, which I love. You should check out my fashion blog mywhiteT.com

  4. the sequin collar detail is great!

  5. Great look! http://framboise-noire.blogspot.nl/


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