01 September 2013


jacket: isabel marant (old) | dress: zara | bag: balenciaga | shoes: acne | necklaces: isabel marant | watch: michael kors | rings: vintage (mum's and grandma's)

i wore this to my cousin's son's 1st birthday lunch on saturday - does that make him my nephew or my second cousin?

the weather has been so odd this august. apparently it has been the wettest august on record or something. while technically it was the last day of winter on saturday, the weather was eerily warm, overcast and rather (annoyingly) windy with sprinkles of rain. i am OVER it. august has been way too wet for my liking. i can hear my husband in the background saying, "it's good. we need the rain." rain shmain. bring on summer i say. 

the summer dress and bare legs were my attempt at encouraging the weather in the right direction.


  1. Spring has sprung!!! Bring on bare legs!
    Golly, I'm hoping the rain stays away because I've been caught countless times in the rain getting to hospital :(


  2. You are so incredibly stunning! Love all the details in your jacket. So pretty :) x

    P.S. Our blog has moved to www.insidein-insideout.net

  3. I loooooove this outfit! Amazing :)

    would you like follow each other?


  4. I wish August was wet here in LA. It's been dry and hoooot, and therefore I envy you! Haha. Lovely outfit, and that jacket is so pretty!



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