25 September 2013


have you ever tried these on?

influenced by my cousin yet again, i have fallen pretty hard for these shoes. when i recently saw her she was ranting and raving about how incredible and comfortable these chloe scalloped flats are. she swears by them and she buys a new pair every season. they are her go-to shoes and she uses them everyday. they had come across my radar previously as they have been around for a while now, but being a high heels girl and reticent to pay $500 for a pair of flats, i dismissed the idea.

i walked past the chloe shoes display in david jones recently and decided to give them a go. ohmygoodness. they are the softest leather my feet have ever come into contact with. they immediately moulded to the shape of my foot and felt almost like a second skin. wow.

now, i have tried my fair share of ballet flats - i own/have owned:
chloe ballerinas (that i got for an absolute steal) - pretty comfortable, although a bit restrictive around the edge
country road black ballet flats - so, so uncomfortable and stiff, even after wearing them in a lot
repetto patent ballet flats (scored off ebay for almost 1/4 of the price) - fairly comfortable, although small to size and had to be worn in a couple of times
russell & bromley quilted patent ballet flats - purchased in the UK and also took some wearing in before becoming very comfortable everyday wear (i also got these which were comfortable from the start, but don't look as nice)
nine west elasticated flats (bit like this) - most uncomfortable shoes and have made me swear off elasticated shoes forever

ok, so i have never tried marc jacobs (i stongly dislike/am greatly offended by his mouse flats and refuse to put them anywhere near my feet), chanel (i feel that they are a bit too showy for my personal taste with the cc's in prominent position on the toe, although my friends swear by them), lanvin (again, the elasticated shoe which i have sworn off), etc. 

i really do think that these chloe scalloped flats are the ones to beat. too bad they are way, way out of my price range. find them here (not sure why net-a-porter is listing them for $27,000... must be an error in pricing... surely...), here, here and for a bit cheaper here. whilst you might be lucky to find them on sale, they usually don't go for much less than $350 plus i have found it extremely hard to find them on ebay. sigh.

what are your thoughts on ballet flats? any recommendations of good ones?


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  2. Hmm interesting question! I am a long time wearer of the Country Road flats (winona i think theyre called, not the elasticated ones - yowch!) and I do find them very comfy after a few wears. But I find they wear out soo quickly, even when the sole gets replaced, the leather wears through. The main reason I keep buying them is that I can't find anything else I like that doesn't cost a bomb, so really there's not much choice. I just try to wear my other shoes as much as possible to extend the lifespan of the ballets :P (which i'd wear every day if I could!)

    Looking fwd to hearing if you find any other good ones!

    Steph x

  3. Try the Bloch ballet flats! They have a squishy heel pad and they're my fave hospital shoes. If they're good enough for ballet dancers they're good enough for me haha


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