04 September 2013


earrings: antique (from malaysia)

preview post of my hair from the weekend. i hadn't washed it for 2 days so it was pretty gross. didn't have time to wash it the morning before church, so i sprayed it with a bit of dry shampoo and threw it up in some sort of up do made of 2 pigtail braids pinned together in a kind of mushed formation on the back of my head. 

10 minutes all up.

ok, time for august clean month wrap up:

1. healthy diet. i pretty much stuck to this up until maybe week 3-4. mind you, even the first week was riddled with cheating for the "special occasions". one day i dropped my lunch all over the floor of reception at work, felt particularly sorry for myself and ended up eating carbs (teriyaki fish). whilst not overly bad, it wasn't ideal. i decided at the end of the month that i wouldn't try to control my diet too strictly and that i would try and maintain a healthier lifestyle by exercising more and attempt, for the most part, to restrain myself from over-indulging. let's add drinking about 2 litres more water a day.

2. exercise. i think i did ok on the exercise front. i maintained about 3 exercise sessions a week, which is quite a good start for me. my preference would be to get it up to 5 times a week. but let's be realistic here, i find it hard enough to find time to cook dinner when i get home let alone make it to the gym. for me it's definitely more of a time thing than a laziness thing. still got a fair way to go in terms of fitness.

3. no spending. i ended up purchasing some cosmetics - does that count? ok, and i also got a pair of shorts and flats off ebay. fail. but admittedly that's quite an improvement for me spending-wise. trying to lay off for the next few months as well. the fact that there is pretty much nothing on sale is helpful.

4. quiet time. i found this particularly hard, seeing as i try to fit in work, cooking, exercise and catching up with people. excuses, excuses, i know. this definitely needs to become more of a priority.

5. people time. i think i'll give myself this one as a win. i can safely say that my weeks, especially weekends, were filled to the brim with spending time with friends and family. somewhat contributory to my lack of exercise, but definitely worth it.

i have read some stuff lately that has convinced me that to change/improve anything about your life, you need to start from the inside. addressing what's on the outside, such as exercise and eating, can be helpful, but ultimately if you are not convinced and convicted of who you are and why you do it from within, the superficial elements of your life won't really be affected. maybe what it really comes down to motivations - ones that matter, that last and that are worth struggling for:

striving to lead a healthy lifestyle not because you want to look skinny and beautiful, but because it makes you feel better and happier and it's good and right to look after what you've been blessed with 

spending less not only because you should be saving money but because the things of this world fade and ultimately don't matter

spending more time with people and giving of yourself to others not just because it makes you feel better but because you actually care about the people you spend time with and because ultimately relationships are everything this life is about

i think i will try and adopt these resolutions for the rest of my yearlife.

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