29 October 2013

wedding rules

i have been to a lot of weddings. i would say an average of 5 a year in the last 8 years - that's almost 40 weddings... last year i attended 11 weddings. this year about 10.

so, i think i have a fairly good idea of what i believe is appropriate to wear to a wedding. with wedding season kicking off i have put together my wedding top 10 rules:

1. wear colour! a celebratory event calls for a celebratory outfit.

2. avoid wearing black or white. black is for funerals. white is also for (chinese) funerals and should be reserved only for the bride. black and white are only acceptable if there is either a bit of colour/pattern on it or if you are wearing it to the formal evening reception.

3. avoid the short and tight - it should only be one or the other.

4. nothing too revealing. this isn't a night club or 21st event. it should be something you are willing to wear in front of your dad or your grandparents.

5. don't overdo it with the makeup, especially during the day.

6. NEVER wear denim. this is strictly prohibited! (seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people i have seen in denim)

7. wear shoes you can dance in.

8. some red or pink lipstick can go a long way.

9.  have fun with accessories, such as some big dangly earrings, a statement necklace or even a headpiece.

10. manicure should be done only the day before the wedding and maybe the morning of if you have time. a fresh manicure is the best - no chipped nails!

any other tips/rules you guys have for weddings?

27 October 2013

gillian tennant

have you heard of gillian tennant?
i discovered her clothing through several aussie bloggers, particularly through talisa who has featured gillian's clothes on her lovely blog a number of times.
gillian's current collections boasts of simple wardrobe staples made of mostly silk and sometimes linen. not that i have seen her pieces in person, but i absolutely fell in love with just about the entire collection when stumbling upon her site. i think gillian's collection is the key to a near perfect wardrobe - pieces that are well-made, quality fabrics, endless mixing and matching and classics that will last you a lifetime.
now to decide which pieces i want...

24 October 2013


while i was taking these photos, 3 creepy/sleezy guys came up to me, put their arms around me and insisted my sister take a photo of us...

a 70 year old irishman was walking past with his dog at the time and saw what was happening. he then came over to me saying, "i want a photo too. and with my dog." opportunism at its best.

my sister and i then moved on to more secluded areas to take photos...

22 October 2013


sunsets by powderfinger was a favourite song of mine for so long. it reminds me of hot, dry summers, lying on the beach looking up into a cloudless blue sky and eating fish and chips with my husband while watching the sunset.

20 October 2013


leather dress: steele | necklaces: isabel marant | clutch: antik batik | shoes: alexander wang

i scored this awesome leather dress off ebay. it is slightly too big for me, but i kind of like the oversized feel. also, it's the softest leather ever - such great quality.

i felt that the dress was initially a bit long for my liking, so i hacked off the hem. unfortunately i acted a bit rashly and cut off too much, resulting in the dress being too short ie couldn't lift my arms up higher than shoulder height for fear of exposure.

my solution was to re-attach the hacked hem. i think it looks pretty good now, as long as you don't look too closely and realise the stitching doesn't exactly match up...

19 October 2013

fairies and unicorns

top: t by alexander wang | skirt: c&m camilla & marc | hat: vintage | necklace: isabel marant | bag: antik batik | watch: michael kors | shoes: repetto | rings: bvlgari, random

yay! finally signs of summer! the weekend was so beautiful i could get away with bare legs and a singlet!

then it rained...

15 October 2013


tee: j crew | skirt: claude maus | hat: vintage | necklaces: isabel marant | bag: louis vuitton speedy | shoes: converse

how can you ever go wrong with a great pair of dirty, well-loved cons.

13 October 2013


tank: kahlo | bralet: lonely by lonely hearts | necklace: vintage via ebay | lipstick: ysl rouge volupte perle in celestial mauve

i got this necklace off ebay. the seller claimed she bought it from a flea market in paris. i'll go with that.

10 October 2013

hammer time

leather tee: bec & bridge | harem pants: bassike | sunnies: karen walker | necklaces: isabel marant, sophie kyron | clutch: louis vuitton | watch: cartier | shoes: alexander wang

i found these pants for half price at ricarda and couldn't resist. they are so, so comfortable and they could definitely pass as pajamas. i wasn't so sure about the drop crotch, man-repellerness of them, but the comfort factor far outweighs my care factor. i put them on the other day and my husband said, "hey, they are cool. i want some." (bassike does in fact make a mens version)

plus, i like to think they make me look more like a ninja.

09 October 2013


i can never be bothered to do much with my hair. i will admit that i am very blessed and have hair that is practically maintenance-free. it is super straight so whether i blow dry or air dry, it looks pretty much the same. i only ever get about 2 haircuts a year - partly out laziness and partly because i don't know what i want to do with it. i have never dyed it so i would say it is very healthy, silky hair.

i got a haircut at my favourite asian hairdresser (white people do not know how to cut my hair!) last weekend and she gave my hair a bit of a curl for a kitchen tea i was attending later that day. must admit that it looks pretty good in this photo. might have to take out my ghd more often.

07 October 2013

so it seems

jacket: whyred | tank: asos | shorts: lifewithbird | clutch: alexander wang | shoes: alexander wang | necklace: isabel marant | watch: tag heuer | rings: bvlgari, random

i scored this jacket/vest/dress thing at the red cross sale last year. i haven't gotten the opportunity to use it that much as i get confused as to how to actually wear it... might have to experiment a bit more. i liked pairing it with shorts and a casual top to kind of contrast the suit-like nature of the jacket/vest/dress thing. the varied lengths of the shorts and the jacket/vest/dress thing create the illusion that i'm longer than i really am. heels help too.

03 October 2013

rule #8

anna dello russo's rules of fashion rule #8: wear coat as a dress

outfit 1: coat: vintage saba | shoes: charlotte olympia | ring: alexander mcqueen | watch: vintage dunhill
outfit 2: coat: alannah hill | shoes: alexander wang

(btw what is going on which blogger - when i upload my pictures, it makes them look all funny coloured...)