01 October 2013

hear ye


my husband and i have (finally) decided that we are moving to LONDON next april!

this probably won't come as a surprise to those of you who know us well, as we have been considering living overseas/interstate for a number of years. until recently it's been a lot of talk and nothing concrete. my husband had his heart set on new york, which is nigh on impossible, and i had my heart set on london. we threw up other possibilities like melbourne or sydney, but they just seemed like a cop out.

several recent events have somewhat forced our hand and my husband finally came round to the idea of becoming londoners. given that he has a british passport one would think it would be a no-brainer!

we have always relished the concept of living overseas - a change of scene, meeting new people, discovering the world and doing it together. it will definitely be exciting and fun, but also challenging - we have only ourselves and each other to rely on, we have to leave behind our little fur-baby (definitely the toughest part) and it is a big, wide, scary world out there. i think it will help us grow in our faith and also in our marriage.

why next year and why april? 
why not? both of us don't have any really concrete commitments at the moment and april because i'm in the bridal party for my good friend's wedding that month. i have been threatened to be un-friended if i am not there. also, we just figured that if we don't do it now, we will never do it.

in my excitement, i have started researching places to go and things to see in london and europe. our to do list of european destinations are so far:
czech republic

just to name a few... note how they are countries and not specific cities...

we would welcome any suggestions of places to go, places to stay, things to see, shopping, eating... bring on april 2014!!


  1. Wow! Congrats, I am so jealous! Would love to live in a big city like London, cause life in such a small city like the one where I live can be so boring.
    Also great choices to travel. I need to travel to Paris and Greece myself. :) x
    Fashion Landscape

  2. yay! would be nice to see a friendly face from home! :)

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