29 October 2013

wedding rules

i have been to a lot of weddings. i would say an average of 5 a year in the last 8 years - that's almost 40 weddings... last year i attended 11 weddings. this year about 10.

so, i think i have a fairly good idea of what i believe is appropriate to wear to a wedding. with wedding season kicking off i have put together my wedding top 10 rules:

1. wear colour! a celebratory event calls for a celebratory outfit.

2. avoid wearing black or white. black is for funerals. white is also for (chinese) funerals and should be reserved only for the bride. black and white are only acceptable if there is either a bit of colour/pattern on it or if you are wearing it to the formal evening reception.

3. avoid the short and tight - it should only be one or the other.

4. nothing too revealing. this isn't a night club or 21st event. it should be something you are willing to wear in front of your dad or your grandparents.

5. don't overdo it with the makeup, especially during the day.

6. NEVER wear denim. this is strictly prohibited! (seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people i have seen in denim)

7. wear shoes you can dance in.

8. some red or pink lipstick can go a long way.

9.  have fun with accessories, such as some big dangly earrings, a statement necklace or even a headpiece.

10. manicure should be done only the day before the wedding and maybe the morning of if you have time. a fresh manicure is the best - no chipped nails!

any other tips/rules you guys have for weddings?


  1. Love this, I had a discussion about it just this weekend with some friends :) I should mail them your post!


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