21 November 2013

sheer luck

onesie: zara | bag: apc (borrowed from my sister) | shoes: ancient greek sandals | sunnies: ray ban

sticking with the one-piece theme.

19 November 2013

get on my feet

i have been lusting over white pumps for about the last 3 months. they appear to be all the rage on the red carpet and i have grown steadily obsessed with finding the perfect pair. not cream, but true white. pointed. 10cm heel or higher. not patent. 
of course my ideal would be a pair of python christian louboutins or the above gianvito rossis, however i just cannot justify the excessive price tag.
i also love the above sophia websters, although the heel is slightly shorter than i would prefer (9cm) and for some reason the photo makes them look cream (although described as "white")... wonder if i can wrangle these as a birthday present from my husband...

images via net-a-porter

17 November 2013

wedding ready

after this post i thought i would share the outfits i plan to wear to my brother's wedding in malaysia at the end of november.

my brother is having a morning ceremony at 9:00am followed by a lunch time reception for the family. the setting is at a beautiful golf resort surrounded by lush green gardens and a picturesque lake. my brother's fiancĂ© requested that my sister and i wear blush pink - not as bridesmaids, but so we are associated with the family. asian thing.

i am intending to wear this zimmermann dress (strapless version of the one below). ok, it's not technically blush pink (more like lilac), but it got the tick of approval from the bride-to-be. i managed to score it for much cheaper on ebay (brand new) #ebayistheway, but unfortunately australia post appears to have lost it... rage. it's ok, i can get a refund from the seller. still waiting on whether they can locate it and send it in time, otherwise might have to fork out the cash to buy it full price in store (shock, horror) or find an alternative. running out of time...
wedding ready 1
accessories are the key to making a wedding outfit work. i'm thinking about the following accessories to go with the zimmermann dress:

ferragamo shoes i got half price in london last year which are probably my most favourite heeled sandals and surprisingly comfortable (purple and pink version of the one above). i can't decide between these peter lang earrings or a vintage diamonte necklace similar to the one above. probably not both as it would be a bit OTT. however, hard to envisage if i DON'T HAVE THE DRESS. argh.

for a bag, i will probably use my mnologie gold perspex clutch

and thinking simple hair - maybe a loose knot.

my brother is also having an evening cocktail reception for friends and some family. the dress code is gowns. thinking of bringing this kirrily johnston beauty out again.

on a side note, i was saddened to hear that kirrily johnston has gone into administration, joining the downfall of lisa ho and collette dinnigan. such a shame.

accessories wise, considering using the above ferragamo shoes or maybe the marni ones i used in the picture above. jewellery... struggling a bit with that one. i wore big coral earrings the last time, so i thought maybe it was time to change it up and wear a necklace. i don't want the outfit to become overly fussy so i may forgo the necklace idea altogether and just keep the look clean and simple.

another way to "jazz" up your outfit is with a great hairstyle. taking cue from the grecian nature of the kirrily johnston dress, i thought i would try my hand at braids and maybe a braid crown. might consider weaving in a thin gold chain into the braid to add some "sparkle".

braid crowns

14 November 2013


 dress: gillian tennant | shoes: ancient greek sandals | clutch: gareth pugh | sunnies: ray ban

i wore this dress out to dinner the day after i received it in the mail, as i couldn't wait to debut this great number. dropped some red sauce on it, not once but twice.

12 November 2013


have you heard of thierry lasry?

he hails from france and his speciality is sunglasses. his father is an optician and his mother is a designer, so i guess you could say his destiny was already decided.

the glasses are handmade in france, hence the rather hefty price tag. however, lasry's designs set themselves apart by aiming to be a fusion of vintage/retro and futuristic as well as without the logo splashed all over. in my humble opinion, his cat eye frames are probably some of the best out there - not too dramatic and contour the face perfectly.

i love the above frames, particularly in the tortoise shell. although... the style is called "slutty" and the b&w version was worn by miley...

11 November 2013


dress: gillian tennant | shoes: ancient greek sandals | sunnies: ray ban | necklace: custom made | bag: balenciaga city | rings: random, from paris, tusk collective

now that the weather is heating up, i have been wanting to wear no-fuss, simple outfits and i have found myself opting for just one piece of clothing to throw on and be done with. add a couple of simple accessories and i'm out the door. 

i received my 2 dresses from gillian tennant about a week ago and haven't really wanted to wear anything but. soft, loose and silky. what more could you want in 37 degrees?

and couldn't resist taking my asterix and obelix sandals out for a spin. i can already tell it's going to be a long-term relationship for the rest of summer.

06 November 2013

rugged up

never underestimate the effectiveness of a great rug. doesn't have to be fancy, but it definitely adds just that little extra bit of something to an otherwise dull room.

the ground floor of our house comprises of ecru tiles and is probably what you would describe as minimalist - white and grey walls. being tiled means that it gets quite chilly downstairs. whilst it is wonderfully cool in summer, it can be uncomfortably cold in winter ie socks or uggs are a must. i have even had to provide some of our guests with socks on occasion!
our downstairs area is quite large and long. we filled it with some kartell pop couches in dove (one also being in the missoni vevey burnt print for a pop of colour - love!), a coffee table (similar), a piano and a simple white dining table. even though that sounds like a lot to fill one space, the room still felt really empty and cold - literally and emotionally. i managed to find the perfect shag rug on sale at buyinvite.com. it's huge and turned out to be the exact colour of our tiles. everyone who steps on it says how soft and thick it is. pretty sure my husband has had some sneaky naps on it and my dog loves rolling around on it too haha...
we've also managed to fill up the space with a few large paintings generously donated from my parents, which definitely add some much needed colour to the room. funnily enough, paintings on the wall actually make the room feel bigger.
 rugged up
we desperately need another rug for under our dining table, as our guests are often left with frosty feet after sitting down for a meal. step in urban outfitters with their amazing range of affordable rugs! sadly they do not ship outside the US so i guess i will be making a trip to ikea... but talk about some decoration inspiration! loving the chevron. i think a thinner, woven rug would be perfect under our dining table, although maybe not patterned considering the missoni pop couch and various paintings.

here are some more pictures of beautiful living spaces, all with the touch of a great rug.

images via pinterest

03 November 2013



have you heard of soludos?

they are an espadrille company based in new york, inspired from the original spanish espadrilles. soludos means "cheers to the sun". i like that.

they are made of the finest jute (the woven sole) and 100% cotton to make them extra-breathable. the bottom of the soles are also lined with a thin rubber to ensure they are more durable.

i tried them on at ricarda on the weekend and i can safely say that they are indeed as comfortable and breathable as they claim to be. the material used is much lighter than most other espadrilles i have tried on (seed) and (i believe) better quality. they do however run 1 size small, so definitely go a full size up!

espadrilles are a must-have for the coming season! and when they are this affordable and fun, why not?

get them here, here, here or here.