03 November 2013



have you heard of soludos?

they are an espadrille company based in new york, inspired from the original spanish espadrilles. soludos means "cheers to the sun". i like that.

they are made of the finest jute (the woven sole) and 100% cotton to make them extra-breathable. the bottom of the soles are also lined with a thin rubber to ensure they are more durable.

i tried them on at ricarda on the weekend and i can safely say that they are indeed as comfortable and breathable as they claim to be. the material used is much lighter than most other espadrilles i have tried on (seed) and (i believe) better quality. they do however run 1 size small, so definitely go a full size up!

espadrilles are a must-have for the coming season! and when they are this affordable and fun, why not?

get them here, here, here or here.


  1. I see it online but not sure about the usability, thanks for the review


  2. I used to hate espadrilles but I am loving them now!

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