12 November 2013


have you heard of thierry lasry?

he hails from france and his speciality is sunglasses. his father is an optician and his mother is a designer, so i guess you could say his destiny was already decided.

the glasses are handmade in france, hence the rather hefty price tag. however, lasry's designs set themselves apart by aiming to be a fusion of vintage/retro and futuristic as well as without the logo splashed all over. in my humble opinion, his cat eye frames are probably some of the best out there - not too dramatic and contour the face perfectly.

i love the above frames, particularly in the tortoise shell. although... the style is called "slutty" and the b&w version was worn by miley...


  1. Lol the name...of course miley wore them. But I do agree, possibly some of the best cat-eyes I've seen yet.


  2. Beautiful shades!I am loving the animal print cat eyed shades this season! :)



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