29 December 2013

lust list II

wishlist 2

have updated my lust list and discovered that i am wanting lots of winter wear... could be because the northern hemisphere is in the midst of it or because of my impending move to londontown.

1. boots
i don't need any more boots, but i particularly like these iro ones. nice shape - pointed and wide at the top.

2. chloe scallop flats
i already have a pair of these, but i am obsessed and now must have them in every colour... they have started going on sale in a few places, but selling out fast and still quite unaffordable.

3. bikini
i don't need any more bikinis either, but my desire is more about finding the perfect pair. haven't found them yet. i really like the lisa marie fernandez ones and have heard that they are a great fit, but why so expensive??

4. neoprene skirt
i like the ones that fit around the waist then flare out. so pretty and girly. the great thing about neoprene material is that it's thick and holds its shape well. this one by alexander wang is great, but love the more affordable one by & other stories.

5. saint Laurent jane sandal
i just need these in my life.

6. coats
incredibly impractical in my current situation, but i have wanted a leopard print fur coat, a black fur coat and tartan coat for as long as i can remember. whilst on our honeymoon (3 years ago) in japan i found a beautiful brown fur coat for only $90 and told myself i would think about it and come back. ran out of time to return and still kicking myself today for not getting it. also loving the fluffy white coats i have been seeing, but i can imagine it getting so so dirty. this is probably my ultimate coat at the moment.

7. dieppa restrepo
 i lovvveee their shoes - manly, but with a feminine touch. my ultimate pair would have to be the gastons in black (one with the tassels).

8. hat
still want a hat. have to keep telling myself to wait until i get to new york so i can purchase a worth & worth hat. however, i could be swayed by this or this rag & bone hat. 

9. givenchy clutch
slim line and extremely cool.

10. manolo blahnik bb pump
i have heard that the bb pumps by mb are one of the most comfortable out there. plus they look hot. apparently there are like 5 different heel heights to choose from - from 5cm to 11.5cm. of course i would go for the highest heel, but what colour... saw the tortoise shell on mirander kerr and loved those.

27 December 2013

comme and get it

tank: t by alexander wang | shorts: lifewithbird | shoes: comme des garcons play | bag: balenciaga

finally got these shoes! a requested birthday present from my sister and her husband. love them!!!

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! all i remember is eating for 3 days straight. i was also very blessed to get some sweet presents, which will eventually make their way onto the blog...

19 December 2013

got it

top: vintage from rome | shorts: sretsis | shoes: chloe

i finally got them! the flats i was talking about in this post. i found them on yoox for about half the price and jumped at the opportunity. although more than i would normally ever pay for flats, i have not regretted it one bit. hands down the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn. the leather is so buttery soft, i didn't have to wear them in at all. although i don't think they are worth forking out $500, but if you happen to stumble across them for something more in your price range, DO NOT HESITATE. i repeat, DO NOTE HESITATE.

ps how long is my hair now?!? i'm at a loss with what to do with it... i am currently growing out my fringe for summer, which is causing me much angst.

18 December 2013

17 December 2013


i've found it guys! the perfect white shirt!

something a little different, shorter in length for my stumpy body and perfectly tailored.

my general problem with white shirts is that they are too long! i am short as it is (being about 5"3) and have a relatively short torso. i find almost all white shirts are way too long for me and look silly if not tucked in. another problem i tend to have is the arms being too loose, which makes me look much broader than i am. i must admit that i have found a close second to this cos white shirt in uniqlo. however, this cos shirt tops the list for its interesting details... 

the sleeves aren't cuffed and are thinly hemmed. at first glance it looks as though it is just a raw edge.

the hem of the shirt is straight and doesn't dip. also, there are relatively high slits on the sides, which create a very streamline look and can also be quite slimming (imo). the shirt looks pretty cool tucked in at the front with the back hanging out.

the only con, if i have to nit-pick, is that it's 100% cotton, which makes it incredibly hard to iron and achieve wrinkle-free perfection!

that aside, i believe i have found the perfect white shirt ladies and gentlemen.

16 December 2013

the office

sorry for the online silence guys. too busy having fun!

this is what i wore to work today. it is way too hot to wear anything but a light, loose dress.

i got this dress at the red cross sale last year. such a great buy. it was new, donated by a store in perth. got it for $50! i receive so many compliments every time i wear it.

oh and of course i didn't wear my shiny, new louboutins to the office, but couldn't wait to debut them on the blog. they are a birthday present from me to me :) (made possible thanks to ebay #ebayistheway) my office shoes are my trusty rupert sandersons, which i got on sale almost 2 years ago and have used them almost every day at work since. love them!

09 December 2013


being sick and overwhelmingly busy has meant i haven't had time to even think about the blog this week. i predict that this might be the case for the rest of the silly season, however rest assured that i will definitely not be sick but will be happily busy catching up with friends, eating, celebrating the year that has been and the year that is to come, and remembering the greatest gift that we have been given.

above are some images that i love. see more of my inspiration pictures on pinterest.

images via pinterest