05 December 2013


dress: glassons | bag: louis vuitton (mum's) | shoes: ysl via ebay | necklace: isabel marant via ebay

sorry bout the blurry instagram picture, but this is all i have to document my outfit. wore this to my birthday dinner at majestic restaurant in sinapore. terrible dinner, but lots of fun family time - made especially fun while we systematically tore down every dish (ok, it wasn't that bad but i wouldn't recommend it).

this glassons dress was love at first sight. looks exactly like it does on the website, although the material isn't the best (polyester). the fit is really flattering and i have almost bit the bullet and purchased the white one too. holding myself back as i am sure to stain the dress within 10 minutes of putting it on. 

couldn't resist the ysl shoes when i saw them on ebay. not that you can see very well from the picture, but they are suede straps on a cream espadrille heel and red espadrille platform. they are from many seasons ago, but have always had a place in my heart. can you believe i scored them off ebay for $75??!? #winning #ebayistheway


  1. Happy birthday!


  2. You look so cute and pretty! Hope you had a great birthday! You have a lovely blog, following you now with Bloglovin :)

    1. thanks so much. i had a lovely day :)


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