02 December 2013

just cos

sorry for the blogging hiatus. have been overseas for the last week or so for a holiday/my brother's wedding, hadn't prepared any draft posts for while i was away and pretty much couldn't be botheredswitched off.

anyway, back into it. have you heard of the brand cos? if you live in australia, probably not. it's actually a sub-brand of the h&m group (which doesn't surprise me at all) and hails from sweden.

the brand boasts a collection of carefully tailored pieces. while often oversized and boxy (even sack-like), i think the clothes encourage one in the skill of styling. obviously every piece will look good on a leggy, slender, nordic blonde. however as a short, stumpy asian i have to be more selective with how i style each piece. for me, cos aims at providing high quality and impeccably tailored clothing at a very affordable price. the simple nature of the clothes means that every piece is relevant, whether you are young or old. hence cos is also one of my mum's favourite brands - we almost bought the same shirt too!

on their website, the brand is described as "functional design crafted from simple ideas".

i would be pretty happy to have a wardrobe filled with cos clothing. however, with my limited budget and the fact that the current climate in australia is pretty much opposite to what the current collection stocks, i ended up purchasing the straight cotton shirt and the melange wide shirt. more on those later. i was this close to cracking on the curled wool cardigan, however i figured i would only be able to wear it in about 6 months...

oh yeah, and i happened to stumble across a store in singapore! so for any of you living in australia, pretty sure that is the closest one to us!

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  1. I'm off to Singapore after Christmas and almost flipped out when my boyf told me there's a Cos there!! Gahhh goodbye money!! I love their almost architectural clothing.

    Steph x


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