19 December 2014

dear pip

dress: karen walker long knot gown | necklace: maripossa | coat: maje | earrings: fashionology cross, fashionology quartz | ear cuff: etsy

 this post is dedicated to my friend, pip. hi pip!

apologies for neglecting this little space of the internet. i promised i was back and i failed. partly time, partly laziness and partly all i want to do is come home and watch suits (sigh, if only work was like that in reality #lawyerlyf).

anyway, it was my husband's christmas party on monday and it was a black tie ball. it was a nice excuse for me to look for a long black dress, which i've always thought would be a particularly useful wardrobe essential (take note, pip). this karen walker gown is probably not the most flattering (my husband said it looks like a sack...), but i don't care and i love it. the origami-like detailing in the low back (sorry no pictures) and the eating allowance tick all the right boxes.

with a somewhat blank canvas that this dress affords, it really is all about how you accessorise. i stepped it up a few notches by adding a maripossa necklace and wearing it backwards so it draped down the open back jlaw-style. i also wore my new etsy ear cuff, which i love for its subtlety. and the red lip adds the finishing touch.

all the other christmas parties i've attended have required the wearing of christmas jumpers. but don't get me wrong, i more than willingly rock that too. how i love this time of year!

in case i don't make it back here, happy christmas to everyone/anyone who reads this little blog of mine. i hope you have a blessed time and are surrounded by love, generosity and joy.

04 December 2014


shirt dress: cos | coat: vintage dries van noten (mum's) | bag: cos | shoes: porselli

i wore this on sunday to go christmas shopping on oxford street. mistake. 

speaking of which, christmas is literally around the corner and, other than having to deal with the crazies on oxford street, this is definitely my favourite time of the year. the christmas cheer is really in the air - the adverts are all out in full force (definitely watch the sainsburys, waitrose and john lewis ones - cried my eyes out), they've turned hyde park into a winter wonderland, christmas jumpers are now in fashion, you can see people lugging home real christmas trees and there are fairy lights everywhere. i freaking love it! 

this time of year makes me so nostalgic and i couldn't imagine celebrating christmas without my family, so thank goodness they are all making the long flight out here so we can all celebrate together in our daggy christmas jumpers drinking mulled wine.

'tis the season...

ps how brown is my hair looking?!

23 November 2014


beanie: wool and the gang zion lion | scarf: acne canada | coat: vintage prada (mum's)

i'm alive!

sorry for the prolonged radio silence, but life has been just a little bit insane of late.

about a month ago i lost my job very suddenly. unfortunately, it's the nature of my work here, so jobs come and go rather quickly. i spent 3 days unemployed, found a job that lasted the weekend (time and a half pay, thank you!), was unemployed for another 2 days, then found another job that was to last about a month. i worked that job for 10 days, then escaped to iceland for one of the most incredible, surreal and insane experiences of my life. i then returned to london to the job that i last had, worked a week, found out it was ending a week later, secured another job within 2 hours on a friday afternoon, went away for the weekend to the english countrside to visit some friends, back in london and starting my new job tomorow! 
did i mention that life is a little bit insane at the moment?

not only jobs and holidays, but as the silly season approaches almost every night of our week is filling up and somehow we are finding ourselves leaving the house at 7:00am and coming home at 10:00pm.

amongst everything, i have never had to trust more fully in God and i have been in awe of all that He is. my job situation really shook me up from my complacency and i have been amazed and astounded at how much God has provided every single time. the incredible beauty of iceland (and even norfolk) took my breath away and left me in wonder at His creation. God is good.

anyway, i thought i'd share a little bit of what is going on in my life at the moment, whether as an excuse for neglecting my blog or for anyone who might stop by to read.


30 October 2014

for the longest time

i have been looking for a really good pair of black ballet flats for the longest time. i tried my hand (foot?) at country road and ended up with blisters on my ankles. i tried repetto and ended up selling them as fast as i could.

my love for ballet flats will always lie with the chloe laurens, but since i don't have a spare $500 lying around, these porselli flats are pretty much the next best thing. i wore them for a brief outing yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by their comfort and sturdiness. let's see how this relationship progresses.

27 October 2014


stockholm was amazing! understated, exceptionally cool, innovative, tasty, pretty, tall and blonde. 

some special moments: discovering out hotel's homemade breakfast spread (we're talking lemon curd, fresh bread, muesli, berry compote), walking into the building where stockholm syndrome originated, stumbling across choir practice in the church on gamla stan and watching silk in the comfort of our hotel room.

23 October 2014


jacket: acne | scarf: acne canada | jeans: allsaints | glasses: bonlook | shoes: porselli | clutch: antik batik

i am now unemployed.

the nature of my job here means that if there is no more work, i go home. no warning, no notice. it is what it is. 

yesterday i had a lie-in, had coffee with another newly unemployed friend, drank some wine with a recently unemployed friend and tried not to overthink it too much. it was quite a nice day, really.

today i woke up early, sat down and pumped some applications out. and now i'm bored. unemployment sucks.

20 October 2014