31 January 2014

wool and the gang

wool and the gang

have you heard of wool and the gang?
it is a london-based company that specialises in (you guessed it) wool and knitted goods. their offer a great range of products from beanies and scarves to shorts, all handmade by knitters from around the world. and best of all, you can get a "knit kit" to do it yourself! they even hold knit nights in london, where people get together... and knit!

in anticipation of my upcoming move to london, i have been looking at anything and everything that will protect me from the renown freezing temperatures of the north. i particularly like the city rider, wellington and zion lion beanies and the snood dogg.

this kinda makes me want to take up knitting...

28 January 2014


shirt: the kooples | skirt: maje | shoes: anniel | sunnies: karen walker | ring: pamela love

a couple of things i scored from the post-christmas sales.

i received a net-a-porter voucher for christmas, however i found the nap sale pretty poor this season. this skirt was the only thing i liked and could afford. it was reduced by 50% to $120, but i waited until further sales ensued and pounced when it was reduced to $70 :)

the shoes i scored at about 60% off :D they are so comfortable!

26 January 2014


top: maje | shorts: lifewithbird | clutch: givenchy | watch: michael kors

my very generous parents returned from europe this week bearing incredible gifts, including this maje top and givenchy clutch. i have worn the top 3 days in a row now and the clutch hasn't really left my... clutches (ha) since it arrived.

on a beauty note, i dabbed the inner corners of my eyes with nars eyeliner in santa monica (white). i found that it created a somewhat dewy/glowy effect and "opened" my eyes up. a white eyeliner is so much fun to play with. instead of your usual black, the white really creates a different, even ethereal, effect on the eyes. also, this nars eyeliner is almost impossible to rub off!

on my lips is nars pure matte lipstick in volga. really into matte lipsticks at the moment as they are a bit more subtle and a more interesting texture. i absolutely love this aubergine colour - it is the perfect dark purple without being too vampy.

22 January 2014


some beauty inspiration from pinterest.

motivation to try different coloured lips, a more dramatic cat eye, smokey green eyes, white eyeliner and more pink generally.

this post is dedicated to my friend and beauty-lover, christy.

20 January 2014

silver surfer

top: kahlo trace tank | skirt: romance was born | necklaces: isabel marant | clutch: vintage louis vuitton | watch: vintage cartier | shoes: alexander wang fabiana

this is easily one of my favourite skirts and so comfortable! i found it last year in the post-christmas sales. was still a little on the expensive side, but my generous mummy said she would buy it for me. worn with all my favourites - tank, heels, clutch, watch and necklaces.

19 January 2014



have you heard of anniel shoes?

the brand was established in italy in 1975 and boast of the highest quality handmade shoes. anniel is concentrated into 2 main areas of shoe production - for sports (ie ballet) and for everyday fashion wear. they even make shoes for men and children!

my sister introduced me to this brand after seeing her wearing the bottom left brown suede lace ups. she also got a pair of navy ballet flats when she was last in paris. i was, at first, skeptical about the quality and fit of the shoes and figured they would provide no support whatsoever.

anyway, i happened to stumble across this pair of lace ups on sale at shoescribe and couldn't resist. upon receiving them, i was surprised to find that the shoes actually have a hard, thick, supportive insole that is leather lined and contoured to the foot. the leather outer is super soft, so the first wear feels like you have just put on some well-worn-in shoes.

not so sure the ballet flats have the same insole, but i can't recommend these shoes enough, especially when you can get them for such a good sale price on shoescribe.

16 January 2014


 shirt: cos | jeans: claude maus | clutch: gareth pugh | shoes: christian louboutin pigalle 120mm | watch: michael kors

there is just something about this shirt that i can't get enough of. it's not particularly flattering, looks more like maternity wear and could probably used to shelter a small asian community, but there is just something about it... 

my husband and i have just had a crazy month. what with christmas, new years, 2 weddings and all the other celebratory events in between, we also moved out of our house in order to rent it out early before we leave for london in april. we are now at my parents' apartment, which is luckily quite spacious, beautiful and (thanks to my generous parents) rent-free. 

i realised that there is only really about 3 months until we leave! part of me is really excited, part of me still feels like there is a lot to do and the other part just doesn't know what to think as it all feels a bit surreal. the can't wait part is currently winning.

14 January 2014

school girl

top: kahlo trace tank | skirt: nom d | shoes: sophia webster | bag: proenza schouler | sunnies: karen walker | necklaces: apc, isabel marant | watch: michael kors

i calculated that i have had this skirt for almost 10 years! i remember my mum bought it for me after an exam - probably because i was feeling a little sorry for myself. although it does verge on japanese school girl, this has to be one of my favourite skirts ever.

and if i could wear all black for the rest of my life... life would be so much simpler.

13 January 2014


these are 2 of my all-time favourite tanks. i have the t by aw in black and the kahlo in grey and black. i have considered getting more of the same colours in each because i love them so much!

although they are probably more than one should pay for basic wear, i have found that the better quality, durability, fit and lifetime of the more expensive basics i have purchased make it worth the money. as always, i generally refuse to pay full price for just about everything, so if i can find them on sale it's a win-win.

it has taken me a long journey through the land of basics to narrow it down to these 2. i have found in the past that brands such as dotti and sportsgirl do some great basics, but they don't really make it past 1 season - they start getting holes, lose their shape and stain easily.

t by alexander wang silk linen tank
this cut will definitely not be for everyone as it is quite high-necked and cuts in from the shoulders. broader shouldered girls might not suit this as much. this cut is definitely for me, being smaller in my upper half.

i love that the tank is made from a silk-linen blend, which means it doesn't wrinkle as easily as cotton or linen, but also hangs/drapes really well when worn. the material is so soft and slightly sheer.

i wear a size XS and find they are just the right amount of looseness without being floppy. the other t by aw cotton tanks i find wayyyy to flopsy wopsy, very low cut and long! t by alexander wang sizing tends to be on the larger side, so if unsure i would always size down.

the best price i have seen them selling for is AUD$55 on lane crawford. shipping is only $10 too!

kahlo trace tank

this is the best, loose-fitting tank i have come across. the arm holes are just big enough to show a little bit of side-bra without being over indulgent. they are also the perfect length for us shorter girls.

bassike tanks come a close second and for roughly the same price, however i feel that the material is too thin and the arm holes very exposing. i also find that bassike tends to cater for extremely tall, skinny people, so their tops are way too long!

 i wear a size XS in the trace tank and find that it is just the right amount of looseness without overwhelming me. the material is a thick jersey cotton, so is quite durable and doesn't really crinkle.

these tanks are difficult to locate and especially hard to find on sale. ausmode have the grey on sale for $66.75, otherwise they generally retail for about $85. i've only managed to find it in grey, black, very sheer white and grey with a leather k on it (bit silly, really). i can't recommend this tank enough!

what are your basic favourites? any recommendations?