19 January 2014



have you heard of anniel shoes?

the brand was established in italy in 1975 and boast of the highest quality handmade shoes. anniel is concentrated into 2 main areas of shoe production - for sports (ie ballet) and for everyday fashion wear. they even make shoes for men and children!

my sister introduced me to this brand after seeing her wearing the bottom left brown suede lace ups. she also got a pair of navy ballet flats when she was last in paris. i was, at first, skeptical about the quality and fit of the shoes and figured they would provide no support whatsoever.

anyway, i happened to stumble across this pair of lace ups on sale at shoescribe and couldn't resist. upon receiving them, i was surprised to find that the shoes actually have a hard, thick, supportive insole that is leather lined and contoured to the foot. the leather outer is super soft, so the first wear feels like you have just put on some well-worn-in shoes.

not so sure the ballet flats have the same insole, but i can't recommend these shoes enough, especially when you can get them for such a good sale price on shoescribe.


  1. Ugh I am currently in ballet slipper detox because I buy WAY too many so this is seriously hard to look at!

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

    1. haha sorry to make life more difficult for you. it does get hard with ballet flats - you just end up wanting them in every colour!


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