16 February 2014

the kiwis

have you heard of nom*d?

one of the designer gems from new zealand and easily one of my favourite edgy and wearable brands. their design aesthetic hasn't changed much since the launch of the brand in 1986 - loose silhouettes, raw edges and masculine tendencies. 

i am fortunate enough to own a few of their incredible pieces, which have really stood the test of time (this skirt in particular). the pieces are not only uniquely designed and well made, they don't tend to follow the fashion trends so much and can be used and re-used each season without dating. about 3 or more years ago they made a halter dress out of men's shirts! very cool.

i've got my eye on some of the checkered goodness this coming season...

have you heard of zambesi?

another brand hailing from new zealand and in my opinion the slightly older and more mature sister to nom*d.

each season zambesi presents unpredictable pieces, being so different from the last yet still maintaining the spirit of the brand. the materials are luxurious and fine with interesting shapes and fits. this season even had a tuxedo jacket that had a gold metal woven through it.

both these brands are ones to check out. in fact, new zealand is definitely a place to keep your eye on for incredible and up-and-coming designers.  


  1. Oh wow--the pieces are so unique and crisp! I really like them--thank you so much for introducing me to this designers! I think it's so cool to see designs from designers all over the world, and New Zealand fashion is not something I am exposed to! Thank you!
    Oh and the skirt you own from their collection is sooo beautiful! Love it! xx

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

    1. new zealand designers are the best! so glad to have introduced you!

  2. Love the outfits! Great pics. I'm in love. =)


  3. Those are two hella good lookbooks! Would wear almost everything right away!

    I'd love if you come by and visit my blog as well

    1. so would i! sigh, if only i could afford...

  4. <33333 amazing post !!!

    1. thank you karolina - glad you enjoyed it :)


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