31 March 2014

27 March 2014

pinks, whites and pastels

there are exactly 25 days until we head off to london.
last night was the first of my goodbyes - had dinner with some girlfriends and realised it was the last time i would see them before i leave.

i can't say that i was sad. it was more mixed feelings of anxiety, excitement, fear, glee. it's all really quite surreal and overwhelming. and part of me is like, "um, we'll be back in about a year so what's the big deal?"

but it is a big deal. a huge deal. neither of us have ever stepped out of our comfort zone like this before. we're not just moving to london for a year or so, we're embarking on an incredible journey that will grow us, potentially break us, enlighten us, push us beyond what we could ever imagine and it will be the experience of a lifetime. how can we not come back changed?

 bring it on.

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26 March 2014

happy air max day

shoes: nike air max
happy air max day! apparently it was this day in 1987 that nike released the first air max. how fitting that it should be the same age as me.
anyway, i have been considering getting the air maxes for a little while now. i know, pretty random, but white sneakers seem to be all the rage (particularly stan smiths apparently). and there is just something about the all-white, clean, simple look that calls to me. i guess the added bonus is that they will be more comfortable than heels. plus they get my podiatrist's tick of approval for the elevated heel.

my only reservation is that i think they only look good when brilliant, stark white. maintenance factor? lazy me is already over it.

maybe i need to also invest in some baby wipes.
maybe i should just stick to my trusty cons.


25 March 2014

sun's out

sweater: bimba y lola | shorts: karen walker | boots: acne pistols | clutch: miu miu (mum's)

the weather is becoming slightly cooler and it feels like autumn has finally arrived. i'm a summer girl in and out, but i do appreciate the cold weather only as an excuse to wear boots and snuggle up in cosy sweaters.

at least the sun's still out.

23 March 2014

the suit

 blazer: witchery | tshirt: cos | shorts: witchery | clutch: miu miu (mum's) | ballet flats: chloe | bracelet: cartier love (mum's)

who doesn't love a chambray shorts suit? wish i owned this set by acne.

19 March 2014


 dress: twenty-seven names | bag: louis vuitton (mum's) | shoes: charlotte olympia | sunnies: ray ban

who doesn't love an overload of polka dots? (i'm looking at you s)

 this really is the perfect dress. 

made from a cotton and linen mix, it's breathable and comfortable to wear. it holds it shape and doesn't cling to your body (heaven forbid it reveals any bumps and curves you don't want people to know about) and it is so easy to just throw on and that's that. i think i have worn it every weekend for the last month since getting it...

18 March 2014


just thought i would update you all with a few things... and wanted an excuse to post a picture of my cute little french bulldog, king louis.

i finally got my ass into gear and created a facebook page for the blog. please like the page here if you would like updates and other random bits on facebook.

you can also follow me on:


booties: maison martin margiela x h&m

this may not be news to those who follow me on instagram, but i am now the proud owner of these incredible boots from the margiela collaboration with h&m. i know i'm a little behind seeing as this collection was released late 2012, but i think these little boots will stand the test of time, being innovative, high quality and damn sexy.

let's face it, i would be gleefully happy if i could get my hands on the entire collection.

props must go to ebay for pretty much my entire wardrobe and also providing the funding for said wardrobe. #ebayistheway

in other news, less than 5 weeks til london!

16 March 2014


 dress: luella | clutch: givenchy antigona | shoes: christian louboutin pigalle 120mm | earrings: chanel | watch: vintage cartier | ring: vintage cartier (mum's)

i wore this dress to my friend's wedding reception a month ago (as per my wedding rules). it has to be one of my favourite dresses ever! i purchased it about 4-5 years ago from dilettante at half price. at the time, it was more than i would ever normally pay for a dress, but it is so well made and with such intricacy. 

the type of embroidery is called smocking. when we were little my grandma used to make us cute little pinafores with smocking. she still makes those dresses for us now. she painstakingly hand sews all the smocking - one little patch that is about 2 hand-widths size will take her up to 2 weeks to complete. makes you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a dress like the above (assuming it's not just done by machine... most likely...).

sadly, luella is no more, which i think is such a shame. they made such beautiful, whimsical dresses.

the hair was inspired by kristen stewart, of all people. while mine doesn't look anywhere near as tight or as cool as hers, it is actually one of the easiest braids you can do. little effort and maximum effect :) would look even better with a rocking ear cuff i think.