06 March 2014

forever after

tee: alternative | shorts: lifewithbird | necklace: isabel marant

these items of clothing are the ones that have stood the test of time in my closet. they are pretty much the only items that i always want to wear and the first items i reach for. i would never have picked them as being my go-to, most precious pieces when i initially purchased them, but it's funny how that sometimes happens to pieces of your wardrobe.

the tee i bought from zara bryson eons ago on sale. i think it was reduced to $20 or something ridiculous. it is a size XS/S, but really could be a large. it is the perfect over-sized fit and it is completely shapeless. what i love about it is the soft, thick material and the wide neck. i reckon i've owned the tee for about 3 years at least and there is not one hole in it. it doesn't need ironing and i can just throw it around without being worried it will be ruined. it really isn't that special a tee, but it is the hardest working piece in my wardrobe. zara bryson no longer stocks alternative and i have no idea where else to find it in australia :(

the shorts i also bought on sale for 50% off. they came with a tie, which i never use and am certain i have lost. i never iron them because as soon as i wear them they crinkle. they are the best! so comfortable and so easy to wear and the perfect amount of looseness without being billowy. they take me from casual day wear to dinner with heels. i have owned them for about 4-5 years now and still receive tonnes of comments.

the marant necklace i bought on a bit of a whim when my husband and i did our big euro trip in mid-2012. i tracked down the marant store in bastille, paris and this necklace was pretty much the only thing i could afford in the whole store. i was determined the leave with at least one marant souvenir from paris! it was on sale at the time, so i think it ended up costing something like $60. more than i would pay for a brass necklace made of a chiffon tassle, but if i really think about it cost per wear is probably about $0.10 so far. it just seems to go with anything and everything.

what are your unexpected wardrobe favourites/classics?


  1. love a good basic tee.that top you've got there looks comfy

  2. Really nice basic items.


    1. they are the best! everyone needs items like this in their closet.

  3. i love the basic tee!

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    1. so hard to find a great basic tee these days!


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