26 March 2014

happy air max day

shoes: nike air max
happy air max day! apparently it was this day in 1987 that nike released the first air max. how fitting that it should be the same age as me.
anyway, i have been considering getting the air maxes for a little while now. i know, pretty random, but white sneakers seem to be all the rage (particularly stan smiths apparently). and there is just something about the all-white, clean, simple look that calls to me. i guess the added bonus is that they will be more comfortable than heels. plus they get my podiatrist's tick of approval for the elevated heel.

my only reservation is that i think they only look good when brilliant, stark white. maintenance factor? lazy me is already over it.

maybe i need to also invest in some baby wipes.
maybe i should just stick to my trusty cons.



  1. Im thinkin on buyin them too but still doubting haha. Well if u really think that you will be a bit lazy to clean it i would honestly say no cause white shoes they simply get dirty too fast. It will be a bummer if you could only enjoy it for a short run...

    1. yeah, you are probably right. they would get so, so dirty... don't know if i could handle it haha

  2. I love them!!

  3. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me! Plots look!
    I love your new shoes!
    Great post! I congratulate the ability and talent to curiosity to me!
    I will always be coming back for more: *

    Katherine Unique


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