29 April 2014

my life as a blonde

i don't think life has changed significantly, but here are a few things i've noticed since becoming blonde...


my hair feels considerably thinner, but it isn't as dry and rough as i thought it would be. to be fair, i had "virgin hair" (never dyed) which was extremely healthy prior to dyeing, so i think that may be some of the reason why it has held up so well. a hairdresser friend recommended joico k-pak colour therapy products for blonde hair and i have found it good so far. the revitaluxe treatment is pretty amazing.

the regrowth has been my main concern. my hair grows fast! although i don't mind the regrowth in its current state (2 weeks), by the end of 4 weeks i think i will be more than ready to get those roots taken care of. my only problem is now having to find a whole new hairdresser in a whole new country. if anyone has tips for a great asian hairdresser in london, please do tell! (particularly one that is good with colour)

after even a few days i noticed that my hair started to go a bit more yellow or brassy. this is undesirable. on the recommendation from my hairdresser friend i have been using joico violet shampoo, which has brought it back to a white/ash, however with still a few streaks of yellow here and there. may have left the shampoo in a little long last night as my hair had a somewhat lilac tinge. i have also heard that schwarzkopf silver shampoo is amazing, so that might be my next experiment. any suggestions welcome :)

my husband commented today that he thought i had been wearing more black since i've been blonde. i disagreed saying that i had always worn a lot of black and pointed out that maybe he is only noticing it more now that i am blonde as it is a lot more contrasting. other than black, i have found that colours such as pink and blue go well with blonde. pretty much my entire wardrobe looks so different on me! i have tended to shy away from grungy looks, afraid that i might look too rock n roll... but maybe i will have to incorporate it a bit more subtly.
i have always been told that blondes get more attention. i have maybe noticed a few glances in my direction, but nothing overt. i tend to think that people are only looking at me because you don't often come across a blonde asian. or maybe they are confused as to my origin. or maybe i just look like a crazy person

 anyway, i really have no complaints. it's funner getting dressed and doing my hair. i'm still taken by surprise every time i see my reflection.

26 April 2014


sweater: meadham kirchhoff x topshop | leather jacket: lonely hearts | leather jeans: rag & bone | boots: acne stars

i am loving being in this part of the world at the moment - it's spring and the weather is warming up, everything is so green and there are beautiful flowers and colours everywhere. we don't get cherry blossoms in australia, so it's such a novelty going past all the flowering pink in just about every street.
the weather has been as expected - sometimes warm and sunny, sometimes cloudy and chilly, sometimes lightly raining. typical london. 
we went on a property-viewing spree yesterday, hitting up 7 properties every hour on the hour. it was a long day, but we ended it feeling a sense of achievement. it was also a great opportunity to walk around london and discover all the different and amazing areas.

properties here are so expensive! you really get very little for what you pay for, but i guess it's the location more than anything. we also saw some really shocking places that were so run down and dingy that it was hard to imagine that anyone would want to live in a place like that, let alone pay the money for it. 
other than some complete dives (we viewed one above a mexican express...), we were pretty excited about some of the places we saw. hopefully it won't take us too long to settle!

23 April 2014


dress: topshop boutique | hat: vintage (mum's) | shoes: ancient greek sandals clio | bag: balenciaga city | sunnies: karen walker deep freeze black (mum's)

i'm friends with these 2 boys who will, whenever i wear a loose dress, will call it out as a "sack". and not in a complimentary way.

whilst i love that my guy friends are honest in their opinions regarding what i wear, i maintain that the "sack-dress" is a must-have staple to any girl's closet. who cares what guys think anyway right (man repeller)? 

in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a loose silk dress that feels like you may still be wearing a nightie. plus, isn't it better to leave it to the imagination of guys anyway? i choose comfort any day. 

in other very exciting news, we are in london! woo hoo! first day and trying our darndest to get through the day without nodding off. it was a bit of an emotional goodbye (way more emotional than i thought!), but we are so over-tired at the moment that we haven't really had time to process. stay tuned!

18 April 2014


shirt: ralph lauren | leather tee: bec & bridge | shorts: lifewithbird | shoes: alexander wang lovisa | clutch: givenchy antigona


i will admit right off the bat that this look was inspired by christine centenera, whose style i love. it's so simple, but what i think makes the look work is the mix of materials and tricks of layering.

leather, cotton and silk make for great textures and help with the layering effect.

a fresh way of wearing a shirt under a top/sweater is to keep the collars tucked in. it makes for a more streamlined look and doesn't break up the neckline. try pairing a long sleeved shirt with a short sleeve top/sweater. wearing shorts balances the heaviness of the layered tops (and for practical reasons since it was rather warm). 

having said that, i wore the combination of white shirt/black top (not leather) to work the other week with slim black pants. the look definitely translates to the office as well. 

so let's all take a leaf out of centenera's book and, instead of your usual sweater-over-shirt, try something new and layer a structured tee and keep those collars tucked in.

16 April 2014


i did it guys!

for those of you who know me well, it has been a long time coming. i have been talking about wanting to go blonde for over a year now, i even blogged it about 8 months ago, have been pinning it to death and also posting various pictures of blonde girls on this blog. so you can't say you didn't see it coming.

my experience:

i did a lot of research. i talked to lots of people, including a few different hair dressers, to get their opinions and experiences with asian hair going blonde. most people told me that my hair will be ruined and warned me about the high maintenance. i also talked to a couple of asian girls who had gone blonde to get their tips and stories.

i went to tao of hair, as it was recommended by a few people. tao has a great reputation for looking after asian hair. an asian friend of mine had gone to them about 9 months ago to get her hair bleach blonde as well and hers turned out amazingly.

i spent 9 hours in the salon - don't worry, i brought a book and some snacks haha. for those interested, my hairdresser used a medium strength bleach, but left it in for a long period of time. i got it bleached twice (after the first time my hair was bright orange!). she said the highest strength bleach would have completely ruined my hair if she had done it twice. the bleaching part was fine. i hadn't washed my hair for 2 days, so there was a good amount of natural oil to protect my scalp. all i felt was a little tingling.

next was the toner and dye. this was probably the worst part as the toner tends to burn. i had been forewarned of this so i was mentally prepared. it's not painful per se, but more an uncomfortable hot burn - like when you eat a strong mint. i was sure all my hair would fall out at this stage haha...

and that was it! i don't have to go back in to get a third bleach as my hair is pretty much where i want it to be. there are a few yellowy patches, but that is to be expected first time. and the purple shampoo will help tone it out.

overall not an unpleasant experience, but a long one.

people have said i look:

"like storm from x-men" - husband

"like an old lady" - mum

"like an asian popstar"

"like legolas's wife" - brother

"like a rock chick"

"like daenerys targaryen (game of thrones)"

haha... mixed bag. most people just think i'm crazy.

here's to being blonde - i think this is going to be fun.

14 April 2014


tee: zara | pants: zambesi (mum's) | shoes: comme des garcons play x converse | clutch: louis vuitton (mum's) | watch: vintage cartier

my mum has owned these pants for something like 12 years (!!). she bought them on our girls trip to melbourne - mum, my sister and me. such fun times. mostly shopping and eating. ok, only shopping and eating. 

the pants are so, so comfortable, yet add a bit of shape with the fitted waist. once again, i am convinced by how great a brand zambesi is. they make and continue to make pieces that are so wearable, incredible materials, fashion-forward, durable and timeless.

i wore this outfit to a date night with hubby. i initially wore the pants to work with my perfect white shirt, then swapped for the tee to dress down the corporate factor. i also opted for a simple pair of heeled sandals to "class it up". the above outfit is my weekend wear. it just goes to prove how versatile these pants are as well. or maybe i just like to wear whatever i want, whenever i want.

10 April 2014

right now

getting real now. 11 days til we leave.

we have a jam-packed weekend - wedding all day tomorrow (i'm a bridesmaid), church then blues n' roots on sunday. best part about it is the weather - feels like it's summer all over again. fun times all round!

hope you all have a great weekend!

images via pinterest

07 April 2014


dress: etoile isabel marant (mum's) | booties: acne pistols | clutch: antik batik | sunnies: ray ban | bracelet: cartier love (mum's) | watch: michael kors | necklaces: isabel marant

my mum got this dress in london at 70% off or something as awesome. since i now have 24/7 access to her closet (living with my parents until we head to london), it has somewhat migrated to my closet. i think i've worn it more times than mum has so far haha... hoping that if i wear it enough and hang it in my closet enough i will be able to trick my mum into thinking it was mine all along.

06 April 2014

you beauty

i had to go to a seminar in busselton on friday, so my husband and i decided to make the most of it and spend one of our last weekends in the most beautiful part of western australia (big call, i know) - just us and our little dog child.

i found a beautiful b&b right on the beach. it was absolutely spectacular. louis was loving it!

as we were walking along the beach at sunset, i thought that we are so blessed to have this right at our doorstep. i really could not imagine a more beautiful part of the world. the sky was overcast, but the air was so still and the water so flat. you couldn't tell where the ocean ended or where the sky began (forest gump anyone?). it was definitely a great way to spend one of our last weekends in australia and will leave us with a lasting memory to take with us on our travels.