16 April 2014


i did it guys!

for those of you who know me well, it has been a long time coming. i have been talking about wanting to go blonde for over a year now, i even blogged it about 8 months ago, have been pinning it to death and also posting various pictures of blonde girls on this blog. so you can't say you didn't see it coming.

my experience:

i did a lot of research. i talked to lots of people, including a few different hair dressers, to get their opinions and experiences with asian hair going blonde. most people told me that my hair will be ruined and warned me about the high maintenance. i also talked to a couple of asian girls who had gone blonde to get their tips and stories.

i went to tao of hair, as it was recommended by a few people. tao has a great reputation for looking after asian hair. an asian friend of mine had gone to them about 9 months ago to get her hair bleach blonde as well and hers turned out amazingly.

i spent 9 hours in the salon - don't worry, i brought a book and some snacks haha. for those interested, my hairdresser used a medium strength bleach, but left it in for a long period of time. i got it bleached twice (after the first time my hair was bright orange!). she said the highest strength bleach would have completely ruined my hair if she had done it twice. the bleaching part was fine. i hadn't washed my hair for 2 days, so there was a good amount of natural oil to protect my scalp. all i felt was a little tingling.

next was the toner and dye. this was probably the worst part as the toner tends to burn. i had been forewarned of this so i was mentally prepared. it's not painful per se, but more an uncomfortable hot burn - like when you eat a strong mint. i was sure all my hair would fall out at this stage haha...

and that was it! i don't have to go back in to get a third bleach as my hair is pretty much where i want it to be. there are a few yellowy patches, but that is to be expected first time. and the purple shampoo will help tone it out.

overall not an unpleasant experience, but a long one.

people have said i look:

"like storm from x-men" - husband

"like an old lady" - mum

"like an asian popstar"

"like legolas's wife" - brother

"like a rock chick"

"like daenerys targaryen (game of thrones)"

haha... mixed bag. most people just think i'm crazy.

here's to being blonde - i think this is going to be fun.


  1. Wow! Amazing!
    Good on your for having the guts to go super blond.

    Keep up the great work.
    My blog : A I N A

    1. thank you so much! pretty scary, but totally worth the risk :)

  2. you're rocking the new blonde do.
    cheers to being blonde!
    happy easter (if you celebrate it )

    1. thanks! happy easter to you too! hope it's a blessed one.

  3. we ADORE your blond hair! absolutely
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina The AnarCHIC

  4. Hahaha great that you wrote those comments of your family and friends down, was laughing with your mothers comment ;)
    Going from dark to blonde is tricky but it worked out very well as I can see!

    x Sandra


    1. my mum is so funny. she really didn't like it at first, but she is coming around haha


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