26 April 2014


sweater: meadham kirchhoff x topshop | leather jacket: lonely hearts | leather jeans: rag & bone | boots: acne stars

i am loving being in this part of the world at the moment - it's spring and the weather is warming up, everything is so green and there are beautiful flowers and colours everywhere. we don't get cherry blossoms in australia, so it's such a novelty going past all the flowering pink in just about every street.
the weather has been as expected - sometimes warm and sunny, sometimes cloudy and chilly, sometimes lightly raining. typical london. 
we went on a property-viewing spree yesterday, hitting up 7 properties every hour on the hour. it was a long day, but we ended it feeling a sense of achievement. it was also a great opportunity to walk around london and discover all the different and amazing areas.

properties here are so expensive! you really get very little for what you pay for, but i guess it's the location more than anything. we also saw some really shocking places that were so run down and dingy that it was hard to imagine that anyone would want to live in a place like that, let alone pay the money for it. 
other than some complete dives (we viewed one above a mexican express...), we were pretty excited about some of the places we saw. hopefully it won't take us too long to settle!


  1. The sweater matches so good with the flowers :D
    Lovely look
    x Sandra


  2. Brilliant outfit - as usual! Bloggers like you deserve high praise!
    You do a great job! Thank you that I had the opportunity to meet you,
    the work you do is very important to me. Talk to you soon honey!

    Katherine Unique

    1. thank you so much katherine. that is very sweet of you to say.

  3. Love you sweater, so cute.


    1. i love it too! have been waiting to wear it since nov! just hasn't been cold enough!


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