23 April 2014


dress: topshop boutique | hat: vintage (mum's) | shoes: ancient greek sandals clio | bag: balenciaga city | sunnies: karen walker deep freeze black (mum's)

i'm friends with these 2 boys who will, whenever i wear a loose dress, will call it out as a "sack". and not in a complimentary way.

whilst i love that my guy friends are honest in their opinions regarding what i wear, i maintain that the "sack-dress" is a must-have staple to any girl's closet. who cares what guys think anyway right (man repeller)? 

in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a loose silk dress that feels like you may still be wearing a nightie. plus, isn't it better to leave it to the imagination of guys anyway? i choose comfort any day. 

in other very exciting news, we are in london! woo hoo! first day and trying our darndest to get through the day without nodding off. it was a bit of an emotional goodbye (way more emotional than i thought!), but we are so over-tired at the moment that we haven't really had time to process. stay tuned!


  1. such a lovely photos! really amazing
    Un abbraccio,
    Eva e Valentina The AnarCHIC

  2. I love this kind of dresses no matter what anyone thinks :)
    Looks so nice on you!


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