30 May 2014

bad ass

i know i'm a few years behind on these, but how incredible are these boots by ann demeulemeester!? so badass!
maybe i underestimated belgium after all (ann demeulemeester is a belgian designer, who incidentally is no longer associated with her namesake brand...).
now to hunt them down on ebay...

28 May 2014


tee: cos | trousers: bassike | hat: vintage | bag: cos | shoes: comme des garcons play x converse | camera: fuji x10
my husband and i recently did a long weekend getaway to belgium - the land of beer, chocolate, waffles and chips. and literally, that's pretty much all it had to offer...

not really a county i would visit again in a hurry. don't even bother going to brussels (maybe for a day trip). i would stay in brugge a couple of days, hire a car and drive, visit some breweries and appreciate the countryside. apparently antwerp is worth a visit.

27 May 2014


now that we are based in london, i feel as though the whole world is at our fingertips ready to be explored. i have started pinning all the different places i would like to visit and have been overwhelmed at the possibilities. so little time and so much to see. it's sometimes hard to believe that some of the above images are actual places that exist.
on the top of my list are:
south of france
but there are so many more.
it makes me realise how big the world is and how little i am. it is truly incredible to consider/see what God has created and even more astounding to consider what he has done for me.
images via pinterest

22 May 2014

the leather pencil skirt

the leather pencil skirt. it's next on my list.
come to think of it, it's been on my list for about a year now.
firstly, how can you go wrong with a classic black pencil skirt. the silhouette is sleek, sexy and sophisticated. it shows off the figure without showing off unnecessary skin.
secondly, leather amps it up to the next level. it's durable, will only soften with use and adds a whole new dimension and texture to an outfit.
the only downside is the hefty price tag that accompanies anything leather. still... in my opinion, this is definitely something worth waiting and saving for. guess i'll be clocking in some overtime to justify this purchase.
here are some of my favourites:
kahlo (picture 2 above), muubaa, allsaints& other stories, h&m (super affordable!).
images via pinterest and modern legacy.

16 May 2014



jackets: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
tees: 1 | 2
dresses: 1 | 2
skirts: 1 | 2
have you heard of muubaa before?
they are leather specialists based in london. from your classic biker jacket to leather tees to skirts and leggings, muubaa lives and breathes leather.
they experiment with different finishes and treatments of leather and each piece is crafted for a perfect fit in timeless, classic styles.
leather is definitely an investment, but one that most definitely pays off - it lasts forever, only gets better with time and is always in style.
my favourites would have to be this jacket, these must-have trousers, any of the tees in black, cream or grey and this pencil skirt (which has been on my wishlist for a year now!).

13 May 2014

the mrs

coat: maje | tee: cos | leather jeans: rag & bone | bag: cos
on sunday we wandered over to shoreditch for the day to visit the sunday markets. the first was petticoat lane market, which kinda felt like a cheapo hong kong market with lots of fakes and factory rejects. not a great start. then we got to the real (literally) stuff and hit up the spitalfiels markets and the other upmarkets around brick lane. these aren't your typical markets. there is everything from handmade crafts to vintage to art to food. pretty amazing plethora.
we came away with some great vintage prints and a vintage hat for myself (more on that later!).
brick lane itself is a sight to see. it's pretty much like oxford street on a saturday or harajuku in japan. there are people everywhere! like harajuku, you get all kinds of characters. tourists, old creepy guys, punks, rich kids, extremely cool alternative types (often with a beard or an undercut). you could walk down the street with bright blue hair and no one would bat an eye.
my husband took the above photos just off brick lane. there is amazing graffiti everywhere, including some banksy. the photos turned out pretty well (to my surprise) - there is hope for my hubby yet :P