03 May 2014


we have a new home! hip hoorah!

we have a cute and cosy 1 bedroom flat in islington. the minute we stepped foot in the neighbourhood we knew for certain we had to live there one way or another.

a few things re london:

1. you can get flat whites here! most coffee places do it now, including starbucks.

2. pre-made meals are the way of the future - all the big supermarkets do it and they are delicious!

3. ugg boots are a must, even in spring. and maybe summer.

4. you can buy a plane ticket to another country for the cost of a train ticket around london...

5. everyone looks like they've stepped out of topshop.

6. starbucks does in fact make a decent coffee.

7. trainers. everyone is wearing trainers. nike air max, new balance and reebok.

8. do not go to oxford street on a saturday.

9. try a sunday roast at your local pub (in the uk).

10. the 20 pence coin is smaller than the 10 pence coin and it looks like our 50 cent coin (although, it does come to mind that our $1 is bigger than our $2...).


  1. Haha great facts. Congrats with your new house!! Looks lovely
    x Sandra

  2. Wow, in an amazing place! Good luck!
    Un abbraccio
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC


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