22 May 2014

the leather pencil skirt

the leather pencil skirt. it's next on my list.
come to think of it, it's been on my list for about a year now.
firstly, how can you go wrong with a classic black pencil skirt. the silhouette is sleek, sexy and sophisticated. it shows off the figure without showing off unnecessary skin.
secondly, leather amps it up to the next level. it's durable, will only soften with use and adds a whole new dimension and texture to an outfit.
the only downside is the hefty price tag that accompanies anything leather. still... in my opinion, this is definitely something worth waiting and saving for. guess i'll be clocking in some overtime to justify this purchase.
here are some of my favourites:
kahlo (picture 2 above), muubaa, allsaints& other stories, h&m (super affordable!).
images via pinterest and modern legacy.

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