27 June 2014

tickled pink

tee: t by alexander wang | skirt: gilliant tennant | necklace: isabel marant | clutch: antik batik | sandals: ancient greek sandals clio
i scored this gilliant tennant skirt on ebay for $17! woo!

in the last week i've had so many random people come up to me and tell me how awesome my grey hair is. my friends have also said that they prefer it this colour. now i'm just confused... but as my hairdresser said, the colour has faded a lot in the last week. it's now pretty much where i wanted it - a very light ash white blonde. i will consider going grey, but i think i need to take this one step at a time. i was only just getting used to the blonde!

in other news, my husband and i are jetsetting to turkey tomorrow! we're going to izmir (ephesus), pamukkale, cappadocia and istanbul for 9 days. doing a few tours, driving, hot air ballooning (ticking that off the bucket list!) and eating our hearts out.

i'm one of those people who likes to make lists, so every place we visit i always make a list of things to see, places to eat and where to shop. i'm a bit obsessive/compulsive, so my lists include names and contact details (address, phone, website, operating hours). i meticulously research each recommended place and include reviews/comments in my list as well. i then email the list to my 3 email addresses and to my husband to ensure that i can always have access to it. my pet hate when travelling is to waste a meal on crappy tourist food. i want to make the most of every opportunity to ensure that i am getting the full experience of a place by eating at the best, most recommended restaurants. my turkey list is currently 8 pages long...

let the adventure begin!

25 June 2014


tank: t by alexander wang | jeans: allsaints petrel brodie | sneakers: nike id air max 1 | jacket: nom*d | watch: tag heuer link
i had my roots done on the weekend. due to being a newbie in london, i've been trialling hairdressers hoping to find one that is both affordable and trustworthy. i only allow asians to touch my hair and thank goodness there are quite a few japanese ones to choose from. on a side note, it is so darn expensive to get your hair done here! ridiculous!
anyway, i asked for ash blonde hair or as close to soo joo park's white blonde as possible. and i came away with greyish/purpleish hair. not impressed (the above is my "not impressed" face). my hairdresser assured me that it would fade by the end of the week after washing. not only is my hair grey, but she completely killed it. now it feels dry and thin :( wah!
thankfully grey hair is rather in vogue and i've received lots of lovely compliments. plus, being in london means you can pretty much wear/do whatever you want and no one is surprised or cares for that matter. if i walked around perth with this hair, people would definitely be staring.
looks like i'll be going back to the first hairdresser i trialled. he hardly spoke a word of english but at least my hair turned out almost how i wanted.

20 June 2014

warm hug

tee: cos | jeans: isabel marant | cardigan: ralph lauren (dad's) | necklace: isabel marant | watch: tag heuer link
this was my dad's cardigan. he never used it, mostly because we told him he looked like an old china man wearing it. poor dad.
rather than let it become moth fodder in his drawer, i decided it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. it's perfectly oversized and the thickest, warmest wool. i love it and have since been using it for years.
wearing it feels like i'm getting a big, warm hug from my dad. another lovely reminder of home.

19 June 2014

old faithfuls

tee: cos | jeans: isabel marant | boots: acne pistols | cardigan: ralph lauren (dad's) | clutch: antik batik | necklace: isabel marant

on sunday i had a clothes dilemma - a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. it's on those days that i reach for my tried and trusted pieces: these isabel marant jeans i scored for 70% off a couple of years ago, a classic tee and my snugly cardigan.

oh, and please excuse the hair - my regrowth is getting out of control. don't worry (philippa), i'm getting my hair done on saturday.

17 June 2014


we've been in london for almost 2 months now.  funnily enough, it already feels like home.
i haven't missed perth as much as i thought i would, but let's be honest, i miss my dog-child like crazy. we talk about him every day and wonder what he's been up to (apparently he now has a pig friend at uwa - ??!?). and i do miss my family and friends - popping over to my parents' where i know there will always be a scrumptious meal and calling up those friends that you know will always be availble to see a movie or have a cofee with you.
we've settled in so easily to london life (#londonlyf): we have a weekly routine of cooking, cleaning and food shopping; we know the main tube routes and which trains to catch without having to consult the maps; we know which soups at m&s are the best flavours and which ones to avoid; we know where to get a great coffee; and we know never to trust the weather forecast and to always be prepared.
i've noticed that living in a big city means a slight change of pace and a readjustment of expectations. in perth, we hardly did any walking and drove everywhere. come to think of it, this blows my mind considering we have some of the best weather in the world. i would often drive to the nearest supermarket, when it would have taken me less than 10 minutes to walk there. here in london we don't have a car and everything takes at least 30-45 minutes to get to. walking is just part of your daily routine. i walk up 10 flights of stairs every day to catch the train and i'm not fazed one bit.
we now eat dinner at about 8:30pm (when the sun is still out!) because we finish work a little later and it takes us a little longer to get home; we happily sardine with just about the whole of london into the trains, where one is met with a diverse range of offensive smells; and there is annoyingly at least one tube line down every weekend. it's dirty, it's crowded and there needs to be more grass and trees but i couldn't be happier.

11 June 2014

lust list III

wishlist 3

my updated lust list with what i think are quite sensible, trans-seasonal and classic items. you might happen to notice that i have been lusting after some of the items since lust list I. i guess all these items take a while to save for and accumulate. i get too distracted by the pretty seasonal offerings.
1. the ever-elusive trench
i just want a trench coat that fits loosely, drapes in a flattering way, 3/4 length, thick but breathable material and a reasonable price. is this too much to ask for? i think this minimarket one might tick all the boxes... ooo love the leather version too (eep, don't look at the price).
2. rain coat
being in london, i think this is a necessity. i'm really digging these ones by stockholm label stuttenheim. this brand specialises in wet weather garments. it's really interesting to read about the construction of their classic raincoats.
3. costume national lace ups
4. black ballet flats
i sold my repettos as they were just that tiny bit small. despite the hype about repettos, i didn't find them particularly comfortable, nor did they wear in very well. they were also really slippery to walk in. i think anniel (on sale!) or porselli might be the answer.
5. black heeled sandals
i have wanted the saint laurent janes for forever - they are so darn sexy. i'm also loving the alexandre birmans with the pretty ties.

6. sunnies
i have recently become obsessed with obtaining a pair of circular sunglasses much like these ones by linda farrow x the row. i have also recently discovered new york brand illesteva and loving the frieda
7. leather pencil skirt
already did a post about this, but still on the search for the perfect one.
8. black leather biker
the ulimate leather jacket would be the acne mape or saint laurent perfecto, but if i have to fork out at least $2,000 it's never going to happen. instead, i'm considering the muubaa carmona or allsaints balfern.
9. leather gloves
another must have to survive london. these j.crew ones are iphone friendly and on sale!
10. dieppa restrepo
i love the tassel gaston loafers. can't decide between black or grey. i also love their cali lace-ups either in pink or grey.

07 June 2014

06 June 2014

found it!

i have found my dream (flat) shoes! perfect for work, understated, masculine with a feminine twist and may have been worn in the crucible.
costume national is one of my favourite footwear brands. always a beautiful aesthetic and timeless design, not to mention some of the most comfortable shoes i have owned. the brand will always have a special place in my heart/wardrobe/wardrobe-heart being the first pair of designer shoes i ever bought and in new york of all places.
now to wait for sales and scour the world wide web for a discount code...

05 June 2014


i bought this hat a few weeks ago at the old spitalfields markets. it's from the 1950s and is made of mouse hair! apparently mouse hair produces a natural oil that keeps the hat waterproof and durable. kinda freaky, but feels pretty good on my head.

03 June 2014

big, bigger, biggest

we are loving london so far. i've never lived in a big city before, let alone one of the biggest in the world. what has struck me most is the amount of things there are to do here.
last friday night my husband and i went to the theatre to see the adapted play of 1984. we paid £20 each (would never see those prices in perth!) and got to sit in the beautiful, quaint and cosy playhouse theatre. the play was a little self-indulgent in my opinion, with an intense (and bloody!) torture scene at the end. not the best way to end a working week, but entertaining all the same.
and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
next weekend we are heading to chess boxing. yes, that's right. it is literally that: chess and boxing (please note that this is a spectator sport only).
next month we are going to zoo lates, where the london zoo holds an adults only friday night party. you are literally partying with the animals.
there is also the secret theatre, where you are only told of the "secret venue" the day of the show and when you rock up you are given a character to play for the night. then the "play" unfolds around you.
oh and don't forget the hot tub cinema.
there really is a plethora of activities in which to immerse yourself in london. there is always something going on and something completely out of the ordinary. and that's just things to do! don't even get me started on places to eat. you could eat at a different restaurant every night for a year and you wouldn't even scratch the surface of all the places to eat in london.

safe to say, i love this city!