03 June 2014

big, bigger, biggest

we are loving london so far. i've never lived in a big city before, let alone one of the biggest in the world. what has struck me most is the amount of things there are to do here.
last friday night my husband and i went to the theatre to see the adapted play of 1984. we paid £20 each (would never see those prices in perth!) and got to sit in the beautiful, quaint and cosy playhouse theatre. the play was a little self-indulgent in my opinion, with an intense (and bloody!) torture scene at the end. not the best way to end a working week, but entertaining all the same.
and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
next weekend we are heading to chess boxing. yes, that's right. it is literally that: chess and boxing (please note that this is a spectator sport only).
next month we are going to zoo lates, where the london zoo holds an adults only friday night party. you are literally partying with the animals.
there is also the secret theatre, where you are only told of the "secret venue" the day of the show and when you rock up you are given a character to play for the night. then the "play" unfolds around you.
oh and don't forget the hot tub cinema.
there really is a plethora of activities in which to immerse yourself in london. there is always something going on and something completely out of the ordinary. and that's just things to do! don't even get me started on places to eat. you could eat at a different restaurant every night for a year and you wouldn't even scratch the surface of all the places to eat in london.

safe to say, i love this city!


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