25 June 2014


tank: t by alexander wang | jeans: allsaints petrel brodie | sneakers: nike id air max 1 | jacket: nom*d | watch: tag heuer link
i had my roots done on the weekend. due to being a newbie in london, i've been trialling hairdressers hoping to find one that is both affordable and trustworthy. i only allow asians to touch my hair and thank goodness there are quite a few japanese ones to choose from. on a side note, it is so darn expensive to get your hair done here! ridiculous!
anyway, i asked for ash blonde hair or as close to soo joo park's white blonde as possible. and i came away with greyish/purpleish hair. not impressed (the above is my "not impressed" face). my hairdresser assured me that it would fade by the end of the week after washing. not only is my hair grey, but she completely killed it. now it feels dry and thin :( wah!
thankfully grey hair is rather in vogue and i've received lots of lovely compliments. plus, being in london means you can pretty much wear/do whatever you want and no one is surprised or cares for that matter. if i walked around perth with this hair, people would definitely be staring.
looks like i'll be going back to the first hairdresser i trialled. he hardly spoke a word of english but at least my hair turned out almost how i wanted.


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