13 July 2014

turkish tidbits

we just spent an amazing 9 days in turkey. it was incredible! turkey far exceeded my expectations. for some reason i thought it might be like malaysia or thailand, but it was so completely different. turkey is really multicultural and has so many different influences - roman, greek, arab, christian, muslim. it has a fascinating history and an incredible landscape to boot. here are some of my musings on turkey: 

1. people
turkish people rival the japanese in hospitality. they are so friendly and helpful and very polite. we felt so welcomed in turkey by the wonderful people. even the tourist peddlers on the street would politely ask you if you were interested in a boat ride and then wish you a pleasant day when turned down. 

2. cleanliness
turkey is so clean! the streets are swept and there is almost no litter. the turkish people seem proud of their country and definitely look after it. 

3. climate
it's like australia, but with better water sources. the climate is hot and dry, but the land is very fertile and there are crops everywhere. they grow everything from olives to pomegranates to pistachio nuts.  

4. food
we didn't get sick at all. the cuisine is excellent and vegetarian-friendly. however, it is quite difficult to find anything but turkish cuisine, so you definitely have to be a fan. by the end of our 9 days we were getting a bit sick of lamb, roast vegetables and rice. also, i'm pretty sure all their rice is cooked in butter, which is extremely tasty and fragrant.

turkish desserts are great, but can be a bit sweet. they also make a great ice cream. and coming from someone who despises turkish delight, we ended up purchasing 2 boxes of the stuff. i've never tasted turkish delight as good as the real stuff from turkey. they have incredible flavours such as pomegranate, pistachio and cocoa.

5. the sites
there is so much to see and do in turkey! from the ancient city of ephesus to the snow-like slopes of pamukkale to the rock formations of cappadocia to the grand blue mosque in istanbul. the sites and all are in great condition, as compared to somewhere like rome. and turkey is so photogenic (if my crappy photography skills are anything to go by)!

i can't recommend turkey enough. definitely a great destination for couples and families and quite affordable. it was one of the best holidays i have had; so exciting and different.


  1. omg!! this is making me want to add turkey in my travel list!!! great post! :D

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  2. one of my friend's favourite countries his visited is turkey. I'd love to go there one day

    1. it's definitely up there for me. a stunning place.

  3. Sounds great, those pictures are amazing too!

    Jules x

  4. I never thought I liked Turkish Delight until I tried proper stuff. You're right, it's gorgeous - and the other flavours are so good! Lemon is amazing!

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    1. i think it's ruined me for all other turkish delight outside of turkey.

  5. Replies
    1. thanks! and taken with just an iphone :)

  6. Yeah, Turkey is a great place to visit!

  7. Wow, these photos are amazing. You have a beautiful blog! Hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like!


    1. thanks so much joy. i will definitely drop by your blog :)


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