21 July 2014

wardrobe essentials I: the perfect tee

i thought i would do some posts on what i think are the essentials items for every girl's wardrobe. these, i believe, are the building blocks.

tees: cos, cos, alternative | shorts: ksubi alberceque

every girl needs it. every girl talks about it. every girl is on the search for it.
the perfect tee.

and once you find it, you need to get it in black, white and grey. or a few blacks and whites if you please.

the tee is the item in my wardrobe that i will reach for the most. it goes with every pair of jeans/shorts/skirt that i own, and always looks good. dress it up with a leather skirt, pinstripe trousers or a blazer. it really is the number one must have wardrobe essential.

my current favourites include these scoop necks by cos and my trusty old oversized tee by alternative. i've also found that zara make a great tee and sometimes sportsgirl, if you're lucky. either pure cotton or linen/cotton blends are the best.
what's your favourite tee?


  1. My staple tee is from Everlane. Super comfy and not too clingy

    1. i have heard great things about the everlane tees, but i can't be bothered to organise a shipping forwarder just for a tee...


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