23 July 2014

wardrobe essentials II: jeans

1 black
1 blue
1 boyfriend

these 3 jeans will take you anywhere. of course it depends on your figure as to what style of jeans you go for, but you really shouldn't need more than the above.

i would say i wear my black skinnies the most, mainly because i wear a lot of black, but also because they are slimming and go with everything. my current favourites are the petrel brodie by allsaints (note: the metallic/coated jeans are particularly slimming due to the way they catch the light).

blue jeans are forever. nothing further.

the boyfriend might be a trend, but it has been around for a while now. who cares if they are man-repelling. they are the most comfortable and chic thing you will ever wear. my favourites are my ksubis which have only become softer with age (4 years old!). i bought my ksubis 2 sizes larger, but most boyfriend jeans these days cater for the style so you can usually stick to your normal size. 

my go-to denim is definitely j brand. it has never let me down. other good ones are topshop (surprisingly), current/elliott, rag & bone, frame denim and acne.

what's your go-to jean?


  1. My fave jeans are Nudies. Super super super comfy!!

    1. funnily enough, i've never owned nudies! tried them on a bunch of times, but the fit just didn't seem right for me. maybe i will have to re-explore...


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