28 August 2014

the good stuff

i'm in greece at the moment (and loving the sunshine!), so updating on this blog has pretty much come to a standstill.

here are some photos from last weekend. pretty much the last day in london warm enough to get away with shorts. and, as always, in trusty all-black - the best canvas for a great shoe.

22 August 2014

tres bien

hooray for the long weekend! and with paris only a hop, skip and a jump away, i can't think of a better way to spend it.

image via pinterest

20 August 2014

to tuck or not to tuck

shirt: asos | pants: zambesi
(please excuse the gross hair)
let's talk more about workwear.
i love a good shirt. it is the best way to achieve a more polished and refined look. however, i always face the conundrum of whether to tuck or not. my preference for wearing most shirts is the half tuck/front tuck, however this is way too sloppy for work.
my problem with a tucked-in shirt is that 1. they look much better tucked into a high waisted bottom, and 2. i just don't have the body type for it. my torso is relatively stumpy, so i find it hard to get proportions right. i'm also pear-shaped, so tucking in only serves to accentuate my hips and belly (undesirable) and often accentuates further stumpiness. my preference is to leave shirts untucked, however this can also proove sloppy and often shirts are the wrong length for it. due to said stumpiness, shirts tend to be too long for me.
this asos shirt is cropped enough for me to not have to tuck it in, but it isn't so short that it's midriff-baring. i love it so much, i bought 2. it is not often asos produces a gem, as i would say that generally their products are of poor quality and make (i end up returning 90% of the stuff i buy from asos - when will i learn?). however, this shirt is a great find! it's a mix of polyester and cotton which makes for easy ironing, but also means it's breathable and durable. it's also a great piece to transition from your work wardrobe to everyday. i can't recommend it enough. it also comes in blackblue and various patterns. 

13 August 2014

wardrobe essentials IV: the trench

i think the trench deserves its own category. it is the essential of essentials, the classic of classics. it is timeless and never goes out of style. whether you're 18 or 60, the trench will always be relevant and always be chic.
obviously the ultimate trench is one by burberry, but if you don't have a spare $2,000 handy there are a lot of great alternatives out there. for something in the more affordable range try zara, gap (my particular favourite) or witchery.
due to my husband's recent sojourn in new york, i took the opportunity to get him to bring me back this amazing trench coat/cape by junya watanabe - something classic with a twist. it's a little long (or more that i'm a little short), so am getting it hemmed up a bit. but can i say, amazing!

images via totokaelo

10 August 2014

turkish highlights

better late than never; a very pared down version of our trip to turkey with a few of my favourite photos/moments.
if i haven't convinced you of it yet, turkey is a must! it is such an amazing country, rich with history and multiculture, delicious food and a jaw-dropping landscape to boot.

08 August 2014

all white

dress: gillian tennant | shoes: nike id air max 1 | sunglasses: karen walker | wallet: celine

sometimes all white works too. just make sure you're not going out for pasta!

hooray for the weekend!

06 August 2014

is it worth it? let me work it

i have been trying to revamp my work wardrobe, or rather my interest in my work wardrobe, of late. i tend to regress into easy/simple/boring work dressing mostly because i find it creatively restrictive and also because i can't be bothered. i have even stopped wearing makeup to work the last few weeks because of my lack of motivation/interest. i detest having to spend money on work clothes and i am resentful for having to invest my hard earned money right back into work again. i refuse to buy an expensive pair of black pants that i will most likely wear everyday at work, but i am more than happy to spend it on a pair of heels that i will wear maybe a few times a year. i think it's the mentality of it being used solely for work purposes that puts me off. isn't enough of my life (and wardrobe) about work as it is?
as a lawyer it's even more difficult to dress as the standards are quite conservative and formal and often require women to wear suits. i hate suits (unless it's a cute shorts suit of course). as always, i like to push the boundaries of what might be acceptable at work. last week i wore a tshirt with some wide-leg trousers and a blazer. i think it was passable...

so lately i have been challenging myself to approach the workplace with a bit more enthusiasm and a better attitude. i think if you care even just a little bit more about how you present yourself at work it might just make your day that bit more enjoyable. confidence in how you look will definitely boost your confidence at work - 'fake it til you make it' right? don't just wear a white shirt and black pants because it's easy, think about how you can make it more individual, more you.

i have decided my work wardrobe will be based on these new rules:
1. priority: comfort
i absolutely despise tight work clothes. i don't know how girls spend a whole day in a tight power dress. U N C O M F O R T A B L E. for me, it's either one or the other - tight skirt, loose top; tight top, loose pants; vice versa. if i had it my way it would be loose-loose all the time (and it mostly is). if i am sitting in an office for at least 8 hours a day, i am definitely going to prioritise comfort over anything else.
2. put a blazer on it

works every time. have a dress that is a bit on the casual side? put a blazer on it. want to wear a tee to work? put a blazer on it. you can get away with just about anything in the corporate world by adding a blazer.
3. take a different approach

wear a coat as a dress, wear a cropped tee over a white shirt, wear a long tailored vest over a shirt and pants, wear a men's sweater with a feminine skirt, wear a lace skirt with a white shirt, wear a shirt over a shirt, dress a little masculine.
4. classics with a twist

don't just settle for the classics. push the boundaries and create a bit of interest. instead of your classic white shirt try one with longer tails, wear a midi skirt or go for an oversized boxy tee. it doesn't have to be obvious; the subtle nuances will make all the difference. i think cos have a great take on classics with a twist.
5. a little lippy goes a long way

i tend to wear black, navy, grey and white 99% of the time. whilst it does make it easier to coordinate my wardrobe, it can be a bit same same. without having to inject too much colour into my work wardrobe, sometimes it's easier to rely on accessories or makeup to do the job. a bright lipstick can add a whole new dimension to a boring work outfit.

6. comfortable shoes

so, so, so important! whilst this could be categorised under point 1 above, i think it needs its own category to stress how essential it is. comfortable shoes does not mean they have to be ugly or flat, just good quality and durable. i prefer to wear heels at work, mostly because i'm a shorty, but they also make me feel more powerful (which i think is important for female lawyers!). i walk to work in flats and have a couple of pairs of heels under my desk at work because, truth be told, who wants to/can walk around all day in a pair of heels?!

my favourite work heels are my rupert sanderson patsys - had them for 2.5 years so far and still going strong!

7. colour your world

this is a new challenge i'm setting myself. i need to inject more colour into my wardrobe. i'm thinking oxblood and pinks. let's not go too crazy! i love the mix of oxblood, blue and pink (as per the picture above).

8. transitional

you don't have to buy clothes that are used exclusively for work. try investing in pieces that can transition from your work wardrobe to something you can wear on the weekend. this will also help you to appreciate and actually like your work wardrobe more.

maybe i will put my words into practice and post some of my work outfits here. what is your take on workwear?

images via pinterest

04 August 2014

oh, the places you'll go

it's been 3.5 months since we moved to london and, to be honest, i can't say that i've missed perth one bit. of course i miss my family and friends, but missing them and feeling homesick are quite different.
we've settled so much into london that we actually miss it when we go away. you can't really put your finger on it, but there's something about a big city that is a bit like a drug (not that i've ever done drugs), but the good kind. the more you experience, the more you want and if you go without for too long, you just come crawling back for more.
it's feeling like you are one tiny life in an ocean of people, it's discovering a hole-in-the-wall cafe, it's getting lost in the crowds, it's finding a great cup of coffee, it's experiencing new and exciting things, it's having the world at your fingertips, it's appreciating that the sun's out even if it's just for an hour, it's stepping into a church that was built in the 1100s, it's inhaling that warm and stale tube air, it's hearing 3 different languages spoken in one room annd it's having someone to share it all with.
a few more interesting things i've noticed about london:
1. people can drink anywhere they want, whether it be on the street, in a park or even on the tube.
2. london is a great place for single people. we have met so many single people here ranging from 25-40 and being single is really no big deal. people are so content with where they are in life. hardly anyone is married and there are definitely no kids (so different from our life in little ol' perth). plus, supermarkets cater for single people way better than in australia - all the meals come in 1 serving portions!
3. class structure is really a thing here, with a real distinction between the posh upper class, the middle class and the working class. most people tend to mix only within their class sphere.
4. the spectrum of earning capacity is way more extreme! in perth graduate teachers are earning as much as, if not more than, graduate lawyers. in london, the minimum wage is £6.50, but if you're a lawyer or a banker your earning capacity has almost no limit.
5. brunch does not mean from 10:00am to 12:00pm, it's more like 12:00pm to 5:00pm.